Tantalizing Tangier, Morocco

Why would you want to start your Moroccan adventure in Tangier (sometimes referred to as Tangiers)? You have probably heard the rumors that Tangier is not safe for travelers and prices are high. Once the city, boasted a population of Americans and Europeans that partied hard. However, all that has changed in the last few decades. The Moroccan government has scoured Tangier Morocco. Savvy travelers of today have no trouble enjoying the Moroccan treasures found here. (more…)

Choosing a Morocco Tour Operator

Many tour companies will claim that they will offer you the best deal and service for your experience. When choosing to work with an agency, there are a variety of factors to consider – especially when you want to travel to an exotic destination, such as Morocco.

These aforementioned variables should also be weighed against what sort of adventure you and your travel group or family want to have. As you consider different options, the following points will help you to create a shortlist that will help you make an informed decision on which travel company with which to work. (more…)