Tips for Traveling with a Morocco Tour Guide

morocco tour guideTraveling with a tour guide can offer visitors a more personal perspective on Morocco’s sights, culture and history. Whether you intend to travel with a guide for an hour, a day, a week or longer, following the suggestions below can help you plan effectively and get the most out of the experience.

Confirm the itinerary and amenities in advance. What meals does the tour include in the price? What forms of transportation are provided? You should see these details clearly listed on your itinerary. If you have your heart set on surfing while you’re in Essaouira, for example, and it doesn’t appear on your itinerary, ask for it. Even if something you want to do isn’t a standard part of the tour operator’s package, they may be able to accommodate special requests if you ask in advance. (more…)

Tips for Traveling with a Guide in Morocco

Morocco travel guideThough independent travelers may find it easy to get around Morocco’s major cities, seeking out the highlights in the remote rural valleys, mountains or desert may pose challenges for someone unfamiliar with the area. Hiring a guide to take you to these places allows you to see and learn about sites tucked off the tourist trail.

If you opt to hire a guide for part or all of your trip, consider these suggestions:

1. Ask for what you want.
If you spot a breathtaking view you’d like to photograph, ask to stop for a moment. If you’d like to shop for souvenirs, speak up. If you need a toilet, mention it sooner rather than later.

Many travelers shy away from making basic requests like these, but remember, it’s your trip, and you’re most likely to enjoy it if you’re comfortable and spend time on what interests you. (more…)

Cycling Tours in Morocco

biking cycling tours moroccoMorocco’s 35,500-plus kilometers (22,000 miles) of paved roads include stunning coastal vistas, deserts, valleys, gorges and high-mountain passes. Many areas of the country are suitable for cycling year round, and there are dozens of scenic roads popular with both independent cyclists and bike tour companies.

According to the UK periodical the Guardian, Morocco’s Atlas Mountains offers one of the five best cycle routes in the world. The Guardian suggests biking from Marrakech south into the Anti Atlas Mountains to the coastal Berber village of Mirleft, although from Marrakech you can also head south toward the Tiz n’ Test road or east to Morocco’s inland desert region.

The inland desert region between the High Atlas Mountains and the Algerian border is a sparsely populated area dotted with Berber villages. A popular cycle tour route is to ride from the picturesque desert town of Ouarzazate to the nearby Draa and Dades Valleys. Cycling further east takes you to the dunes of Merzouga. Biking in this region is easier than further south in the more rugged Atlas Mountains, although it is best to travel with a support vehicle as there are long stretches between villages, and access to food and water is limited. (more…)

Choosing a Morocco Tour Operator

Many tour companies will claim that they will offer you the best deal and service for your experience. When choosing to work with an agency, there are a variety of factors to consider – especially when you want to travel to an exotic destination, such as Morocco.

These aforementioned variables should also be weighed against what sort of adventure you and your travel group or family want to have. As you consider different options, the following points will help you to create a shortlist that will help you make an informed decision on which travel company with which to work. (more…)