Tips for Traveling to the Rif Mountains

rif mountains moroccoWhile many people travel to Morocco on a tour for its imperial cities and vast sand dunes, visitors who appreciate scenic landscapes will also enjoy the country’s mountain ranges. The Rif Mountains, situated in the northernmost part of the country and parallel to the Mediterranean coast, offer picturesque panoramas and trails that can satisfy adventurers seeking a challenging trek as well as sightseers who prefer a casual stroll. Regardless of your preference, consider the following tips when planning your visit.





Morocco for Adventure Seekers

trekking hiking in MoroccoFrom luxury resorts and beachfront spas, to mountain lodges and sand dune hikes, if you can dream it, to shine up an old cliché, chances are good that if you can dream it, you can do it. For many, that dream includes adventure in Morocco. No matter your definition, whether getting lost in a winding medina, trekking the high peaks, camping amid sand dunes or just getting through your first taxi ride, Morocco provides ample opportunity for thrill seekers.

If the idea of hiking into the wilderness strikes your fancy, Morocco’s famous mountain ranges are the perfect place to test your skills. Novice hikers can take part in any number of day hikes from the innumerable mountain villages that dot the High and Middle Atlas. Imlil, just an hour from Marrakesh, acts as trailhead for those looking to ascend Jbel Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak. Setting out for just a few hours along the trail will lead you to remote villages, religious shrines and some of the most spectacular alpine views in the country. Azilal, in the north, lies in the foothills of the Middle Atlas and is a beautiful place to use as a base from which to explore the region. (more…)

Exploring the Dades Valley

Stretching from the High Atlas Mountains in the north to the rugged Jbel Sarho in the south, the Dades Valley is scattered with oases, palm groves and elaborate kasbahs. The valley itself is made lush and green by the Dades River, which rises from the High Atlas Mountains before emptying into Morocco’s largest river, the Draa. The waters of the Dades provide life for a variety of almond, fig, walnut and birch trees on the valley floor offering a spectacular contrast to the earthen-colored rocky formations rising from the valley floor. (more…)

Morocco Trekking: The Azaden Valley

Lush valleys, spiraling streams, and rushing rivers await your Morocco holiday. For those that may not know, Morocco is situated in the North West corner of Africa. Many of us recognize the country from the well-known city of Casablanca; outdoor addicts may know of Morocco through the Hight Atlas Mountains and Mount Toubkal. Regions within these mountains, such as the Ait Bougmez Valley, are largely unmapped.  Such a country offers a trekking opportunity and experience not soon forgotten in this lifetime. (more…)

Dades Valley and Todra Gorge

Near Dades Valley, Morocco

Near Dades Valley, Morocco

Traveling from Marrakesh, visitors can easily reach the Dades Valley for a day or multi-day trip. Travelers will need to go through Ourzazate in order to get into the valley, which is located in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains.  The High Atlas Mountains is a forested region with plenty of valleys, gorges, and two of the highest mountain peaks in Morocco: the M’Goun and Jbel (Mount) Toubkal. (more…)

Trekking Morocco Lakes Tour

el-ouidane-lake-moroccoThe Middle Atlas Mountains are just one region worthy of a trek while on holiday in Morocco.  Imagine caves where ancient tribes used to live, waterfalls rushing over plateaus of limestone, or tall gorges where a single path meanders through. Morocco is a land of diverse cultures and distinguishable landscapes. A tour around the lakes is a microcosm of what Morocco has to offer each visitor. (more…)

Morocco Trekking: Onward To God’s Bridge

God's Bridge, Morocco

God's Bridge, Morocco

Are you interested in some of nature’s most spectacular creations?  Around the world there are hundreds of places to visit.  Many of the tourist attractions for the natural wonders are quite populated, like Niagara Falls or the Safaris of East Africa.  Such tourist locations are interesting to see, but you really can lose a lot of the fascination with the other hundred people swarming around.  If you want a holiday which is custom tailored to provide everything you want, consider trekking Morocco tours.  Morocco is a country filled with many natural wonders.  The High Atlas Mountains, Rif Mountains, and the Anti Atlas, to name a few, are spectacular.   (more…)

Tizi-n-Test: Both Sides of the Atlas Mountains

Tizi-Test Morocco

Tizi-Test Morocco

Tizi-n-Test is a pass at 2100 meters above sea level.  It is characterized by greenery juxtaposing red clay hills and roads.  Tizi-n-Test is the point in the High Atlas Mountains where the many valleys of Marrakesh meet the Sahara of Morocco.  Trekking in Morocco takes fortitude and knowing where the best places to visit are.  By taking the road of Tizi-n-Test Pass you are able to reach your starting destination for some shoe-in-the-ruff mountain hiking. (more…)

Morocco Trekking Experiences: The Kik Plateau

Kik Plateau, Morocco

Kik Plateau, Morocco

Trekking Morocco is an experience you will never forget. There are many destinations in Morocco, but the High Atlas Mountains are perhaps the most exceptional.  From summits reaching over 4000 meters to plateaus half that size, you have several choices in trekking the Atlas.  Kik Plateau can be recognized by its rocky outcropping and unique place upon Morocco’s topography. (more…)

Onward To Morocco’s Jbel Toubkal Summit

Located in southwestern Morocco, nestled into the Toubkal National Park, stands the Jbel Toubkal mountain, majestic and impressive. With a stunning height of 4,167 metres, this particular peak is the single highest mountain in North Africa, located in the Atlas Mountains. Looking from the ridge of the summit, those who journey to the top are given a breathtaking view of clear blue eyes and mountains dusted with snow, which is always a bit of a surreal sensation in Africa.   (more…)

Morocco Trekking Adventure

Beauty and wonder surrounds those who travel to Morocco. A variety of travel guides stand ready to take foreign visitors into the vibrant region of undulating hills, pointed massifs, blowing sand dunes and camel herders. Travelers can choose a private Morocco tour with Journey Beyond Travel or just simply sit back and enjoy traveling Morocco at their own personal pace. Regardless of which tour option a traveler selects, each will feature stunning scenic views, friendly Moroccan people and a little taste of what life in Morocco is all about. (more…)

Getting Around in Morocco

“A whole new and exotic world. Different than anything I’ve ever encountered.” This is the feeling repeatedly expressed by foreign travelers after traveling to Morocco. The rousing sights, smells and sounds besiege your senses. Visitors are treated to an array of vibrant cities and landscapes. Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakesh are among the most popular urban destinations. Live the life of luxury by staying in a Riad found throughout Marrakesh, Fes or even Rabat. Or, spend some time shopping in the polychromatic markets sprinkled between Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech. (more…)

Learning about Toubkal National Park

Trekking in Morocco in Toubkal National Park

One of the most spectacular places on earth is the Toubkal National Park near Marrakech. Picturesque backdrops of the beautiful city await tourists embarking on a hiking morocco adventure. This is the ideal place for nature lovers, hikers, family and friends to come together for a relaxing day in the almost year-round Moroccan sunshine.

Hiking Mount Toubkal is a popular recreation that tourists and residents alike enjoy. This trekking journey provides insight into an ancient civilization. The historical aspect is matched with the physical aspect of hiking up the highest mountain in North Africa. This is the majestic Jebel Mount Toubkal.

Hiking & Trekking: Abound & Abundant Morocco (Part I)

The Rif Mountains (Part I):

Near the once prized Spanish enclave of Chefchaouen lies some of Morocco’s best and most hush-hush hiking and trekking in Morocco. Undulating trails pass through gorges, valleys, cedar and fir forests, over hills, mountains and peaks (reminiscent of a children’s rhyme, don’t you think?). Since this surrounding area receives fewer hikers than Mt. Toubkal in the High Atlas or Ait Bougmez, you’ll want to bring your own sleeping bag, mat and tent. If you plan on hiring a guide, bring as many supplies as you like, as mules (when available) will bear the backbreaking burden. (more…)

A Note From the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Here, we present a thoughtful piece from Brian Connery as he ventures on an Atlas trek in Morocco. From Imlil to Armed to Setti Fatma, Brian takes you on a quick, yet in-depth adventure of summitting and hiking around Jebel Toubkal in the High Atlas region.

Sleep was constantly disturbed with fearful visions of us becoming a magic carpet heading back down the valley.

From Imlil to base camp is a five hour trek ascending 1470 meters. Fearing the wrath of the SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to Australians), I arranged a mule to carry our heavy backpacks up to base camp. Erecting our tent on a dirty gravel pad in the wind shadow of the massive refuge, we proceeded to secure every anchor point with pegs and boulders.

During the night the alpine gusts strained these anchor points and rattled the tent un-relentlessly. Sleep was constantly disturbed with fearful visions of us becoming a magic carpet heading back down the valley. At day break we were woken up by several teams of trekkers heading for the summit. Pressured by this bee-hive of activity, we got our act together and started for the 960 m ascent as well.

The Japanese group were the first to encounter altitude problems. Their lead guide yelled down to ” leave the struggling lady with some food and continue”. We yelled back ” your a guide and don’t you ever do that”! Reaching the summit of Jebel Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains (4167 m – the highest point in North Africa), we shared this joyous occasion with one other couple from France for half an hour before the waves of trekkers arrived.

We descended via another col to complete a circuit passing through a boulder field strewn with the wreckage of an old twin engine airplane that crashed many years ago. For the next four days we became the mules as we backpacked eastward into three new valleys.

How much it reminded us of Nepal: primitive terraced villages in the valleys, sleeping in “Gites” (guest house), and facing a high pass each day to change valleys. Trekkers here quickly step aside for loaded mules but none stepped aside for mule Doyle or mule Connery. Has our preconcieved image of Morocco been confirmed? It has been surpassed many times over. Now the english speaking world has to come and discover what the French have known for many years!