Planning a Morocco White Water Rafting Trip

white water rafting paddlesYou’ve wandered the maze-like souks, trekked the sweeping Atlas Mountains, ridden a dusty camel and gorged on savory tajines. Now you’re ready to round out your Moroccan adventure with something completely unexpected: white water rafting. This guide will help you figure out what you need to know while you plan so that you can make white water rafting a safe, fun and unforgettable highlight of your trip to North Africa.

Where to Go

The Ahasanal River in the Atlas Mountains near Tiloguite is the most popular place for white water rafting and is only a few hours’ drive from Marrakech. Rafting trips are usually available in the spring (beginning in March and lasting until June) when the temperatures warm up and water runoff from the Atlas Mountains makes the river fast with class III and IV rapids. (more…)

White Water Rafting Morocco: Whetting For Adventure

In the early days, rivers were used as a large source of transportation, taking supplies from one fort, village or settlement to another. There, barters, deals and business insured people got what they needed to survive–say a shovel for a earthenware, for example . Today, however, rivers are used for something quite different entirely. With the advent of white water rafting the world over in general and Morocco specifically, the sport is growing leaps and bounds never before imagined. (more…)