Two Natural Wonders of Morocco

todra gorge moroccoIn addition to the rich cuisine, busy souks and rich history, Morocco has an overabundance of natural beauty as well. With more than 2,300 miles of coast, numerous mountain ranges, deserts and oases, there is plenty of wilderness to explore on your Moroccan holiday.

One of Morocco’s most magnificent natural wonders is Todra Gorge, which is located on the east side of the High Atlas Mountains. It is situated in a remote section of the country making it difficult to see unless you take a trekking tour of Morocco.

Todra Gorge was carved out of the cliffs, which has created a canyon that runs several miles through the Atlas Mountains. Though a road provides access through the Gorge, many people like to explore it by foot. Nearly halfway into the Todra Gorge is a hotel, where hikers stop to eat or rest before continuing on their way. (more…)

Top Three Natural Wonders in Morocco

high atlas mountains moroccoMorocco is home to high mountain ranges, wide expanses of stunning deserts, green oases, national parks filled with wildlife and miles of coastline. The array of natural wonders in the country ensure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Though it may be difficult to narrow down the prize attractions on your next trip to Morocco, here are three natural wonders that shouldn’t be missed:

Todra Gorge

Located on the remote, eastern side of the High Atlas Mountains, Todra Gorge can be difficult to explore unless you are on a trekking or climbing tour of Morocco. The gorge was carved out of the earth, and the canyon floor runs several miles through the Atlas Mountains. The imposing canyon walls make the Todra Gorge one of the most stunning rock formations in all of North Africa. (more…)