The Art of Moroccan Tea

Morocco mint teaA visit to Morocco is not complete unless you’ve enjoyed a glass—make that several glasses—of the country’s iconic mint tea. Fortunately, the opportunities to enjoy this refreshing drink are numerous.

Mint tea is part of Morocco’s lifeblood; and, in fact, is popular throughout North Africa. If you are fortunate enough to be invited into someone’s home while you’re there, you can look forward to being offered this drink of hospitality. If it’s offered to you, be sure to accept—not only does it possess a pleasantly sweet taste, but it is impolite to refuse it.

Traditionally, the tea is prepared by the male head of the family; however, it is culturally acceptable for women to serve it as well. Typically, your host will come out of the kitchen carrying a tray adorned with a long-spouted, silver teapot and several small glasses. Observe carefully as your host pours the tea from at least a foot above the small drinking glass to create a thin layer of foam on the surface. (more…)