How to Prepare for a Safe and Fun Trip to Morocco

Morocco doctor Morocco dentist“Expect the unexpected”—perhaps the unofficial first rule of travel. You want to be open to horizon-broadening, life-altering, they-won’t-believe-it-when-I tell-them-back-home experiences. But you don’t want these experiences to come at the expense of your health and safety. A little foresight and caution will go a long way to making your trip to Morocco a safe and happy one.

Having your belongings stolen is one way to turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Most problematic for tourists is petty thievery, such as pickpockets and purse thieves. Minimize your risk by minimizing your visibility. Leave expensive-looking camera bags and purses, watches, and jewelry at home. Don’t carry all your money with you—leave the majority in a secure place in your hotel. Some have safes; otherwise, lock it in your suitcase. (more…)

Women’s Travel in Morocco

women travel moroccoIf you’re a woman packing for your first trip to Morocco, chances are you’ve wondered what should go in your suitcase. And once you, arrive, do you know what to do when the owner of your riad is introducing you to a male relative? What’s the appropriate greeting?

Amanda Mouttaki, a native of Wisconsin in the United States and author of Maroc Mama, a blog about Moroccan cuisine, knows a thing or two about women’s travel in Morocco. Her expertise is informed not only by the time she has spent in the country, but also by her passion for Moroccan culture and cuisine, which is inspired by her bicultural life with her Moroccan husband.

“My best advice is to dress modestly,” she says, though Hollywood would have women travelers believe otherwise. (more…)