Visiting a Home in Morocco

Morocco home in Dades ValleyYou’ve probably heard stories about the incredible depths of Moroccan hospitality; let me tell you now, they’re all true. Many outsiders may think the lengths Moroccans will go to welcome you inside their homes and communities can seem like a farce, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s nearly impossible to spend any length of time in the country and avoid an invitation to tea. Shopkeepers will beckon you to share an afternoon break, your new shopping or hammam friend may invite you for lunch to meet the family or your Moroccan tour guide may even extend an invitation for dinner to help share his home and culture with you. In Morocco, neighbors regularly drop in unannounced and see their homes as open to the larger community.

Morocco is a country that keeps the public and the private very much distinct, and visiting a home is a wonderful opportunity to experience a different side of life. However, just as you would never kick off your shoes and put your feet up on a new acquaintance’s coffee table, there are certain things that are just not done when visiting a Moroccan home. So, how do you get the most out of your visit while making sure not to offend? (more…)