Visiting Morocco’s Neighboring Countries

Visiting Morocco’s Neighboring Countries

Many visitors fly into Morocco perhaps not even aware that travel to and from Morocco’s neighboring countries is possible! Anyone can easily extend their visits to include Spain, the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the UK exclave of Gibraltar, or even the Canary Islands. Though travel to Mauritania and the disputed Moroccan territory Western Sahara takes more planning, and considerable caution, adventurous travelers can even add these stops to their Morocco itinerary. (more…)

Spanish Influence in Morocco

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The Kingdom of Morocco is a diverse country with an easily recognizable and rich culture. However, when you look closely, Morocco is also a melting pot of foreign influences. The geographic position of Morocco and its history have resulted in a complex web of cultural contributions. Moroccans are extremely proud of this fact and thus view their country as open and welcoming. Apart from the recent and obvious French influence, Morocco has a strong connection to Spain. (more…)

Exploring Ceuta: A Piece of Spain in Morocco

Fuerte de Aranguren Ceuta SpainIf you find yourself in northern Morocco, consider stepping over the land border into Ceuta, Spain. Located about an hour east of Tangier by taxi, this autonomous Spanish city is an easy day trip for travelers and a tranquil home to both Arabs and Spaniards.

The lush growth of palm trees so common throughout Morocco continues into Ceuta, decorating the city’s major streets and coastline. The main promenade that overlooks the coast is spacious and clean, and offers numerous fountains, statues and benches.

Though windy at times, the promenade makes for a scenic stroll by day and animated people watching after sunset. As evening falls, a cheery ambiance settles on the well-lit area as families, couples, clusters of teenagers and joggers meander by. The contrast of western attire and traditional Muslim dress highlights the city’s diversity. (more…)

Whale Watching in Morocco

whale watching wildlife moroccoThe Strait of Gibralter, the narrow strait that separates Spain from Morocco holds a high concentration of marine animals including several species of whales and dolphins. The strait separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean and has a unique geography, which enhances phytoplankton growth and offers an overabundance of food that attracts whales to the area.

This body of water produces a very slow exchange of water between the Atlantic and Mediterranean and this results in a rich environment to sustain a diverse variety of marine life. The Strait of Gibralter is home to the pilot whale, sperm whale, orca whale and fin whale as well as the bottlenose dolphin, striped dolphin and common dolphin. (more…)