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Health and Safety Tips for Morocco Travel

food stand marrakesh moroccoPre-Trip Preparation

Before your trip to Morocco, be sure to have your health insurance and vaccinations in order. Not all standard health insurance policies cover overseas travel, and if you plan to engage in sporting activities like kite surfing, trekking or cycling, you may need more specific insurance. All travelers should choose a plan that includes emergency medical evacuation.

MD Travel Health recommends visiting your physician four to eight weeks before departure to make sure your vaccinations are up to date. For travel to Morocco, recommended vaccines include hepatitis A and B, MMR, typhoid, rabies (particularly if you will be outdoors) and tetanus. Risk of malaria is very low in most part of Morocco, and malaria prevention medication is not recommended.

When packing your bags, put together a basic medical kit that includes your prescriptions, a full course of antibiotics to fight traveler’s diarrhea (such as Cipro or Levaquin), anti-diarrheal pills, pain killers, dehydration salts, sunburn relief and first aid supplies. (more…)