Christmas in Morocco: 3 Hidden Destinations

Christmas in Morocco: 3 Hidden Destinations

If you’re looking to get away when the temperature plummets and the snow starts falling from above, why not consider spending Christmas in Morocco? While many travelers from the Northern Hemisphere initially consider a European destination for their winter holidays, a multitude of savvy travelers are choosing to spend their holiday in Morocco. With it’s sunny skies, colorful allure, and variety of cultures and landscapes, Morocco is becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers looking for some winter warmth. (more…)

Exploring Oualidia, Morocco

Oualidia MoroccoTucked away in a small sleepy fishing village, between the historic towns of El Jadida and Safi, sits a resort that “those-in-the-know” have been flocking to for years.

Oualidia (pronounced “Wa-lid-ee-ah”) overlooks an attractive natural seawater lagoon sitting against the edge of the Moroccan coastline. This Moroccan resort area contains a backdrop of contrasts between its shorelines of fine sand and majestic cliffs.

The lagoon remains serene and tranquil all year long. When compared to its counterpart, separated only by a sand bar, the wildest waves are exhibited by the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of surfers naturally amass to the ocean side paradise seeking to “hang-ten,” while families opt for the lagoon.

Oualidia is a perfect getaway retreat that is considered the optimum in North Africa for its temperate climate. The region enjoys approximately 320 days of sunshine each year. (more…)

Searching for Morocco’s Waves

surfing moroccoIn the 1970s, a group of American and Australian surfers arrived in Morocco to explore the country’s coastline for the perfect wave. What they found was an unexpected but pleasant discovery:

Morocco is a fabulous surf destination.

For almost 40 years, Morocco has been a haven for surfers, and the popularity of its surf is gaining momentum. Several organizations have opened (or are on the verge of opening) surf schools and clubs for travelers who would like to learn how to surf when they visit the country. (more…)

Getting Around in Morocco

“A whole new and exotic world. Different than anything I’ve ever encountered.” This is the feeling repeatedly expressed by foreign travelers after traveling to Morocco. The rousing sights, smells and sounds besiege your senses. Visitors are treated to an array of vibrant cities and landscapes. Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakesh are among the most popular urban destinations. Live the life of luxury by staying in a Riad found throughout Marrakesh, Fes or even Rabat. Or, spend some time shopping in the polychromatic markets sprinkled between Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech. (more…)