Surfing in Taghazout, Morocco

taghazout morocco surfingOriginally a quiet fishing village, Taghazout has become one of Morocco’s surfing hotspots. If you’re flying in, the quickest way to get to Taghazout is from Agadir’s international airport. Once in Agadir, you can hire a grand taxi for the thirty-minute drive, catch a local bus at the airport or grab a bus from the larger Inezgane bus station just outside Agadir. From Marrakech, you can get to Taghazout in less than three hours, although if you’re taking local transport you’ll most likely need to go through Inezgane.

Beginners can enjoy learning to surf at Taghazout all year, but intermediate and advanced surfers will want to take advantage of the larger surf from September through April. Many European surfers head south to Taghazout during the winter for the good waves and warmer waters. Several beaches around Taghazout are good for surfing; Anchor Point, Killer’s and Boiler’s have the best waves for advanced surfers. (more…)