Trekking Mount Bouhachem and Mount Soukna

rif mountains mount bouhachem mount soukna moroccoFor outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience trekking in Morocco without the crowds—or for those who have been to Morocco before but are looking for new places to explore—look no further than northern Morocco.

Talassemtane National Park, a vast area with 150,000 acres of forested land, is located near the Rif Mountains, a region north of the Middle Atlas Mountains. While many people opt for tours in the High Atlas Mountains, those who set their sights on Mount Bouhachem and Mount Soukna will have the opportunity to experience Morocco’s great outdoors without rubbing elbows with countless other tour groups. (more…)

8 National Parks in Morocco

national parks moroccoWhether you are an eco-tourist or just looking for a break from the crowds of the imperial cities, Morocco’s national parks offer sights and hiking trails for everyone. The country’s parks are home to more than 200 bird species, more than 100 mammal species and plentiful flora. And much like the nation’s cities, each national park offers a unique experience.

1. Toubkal National Park
A visit to this national park is a convenient day trip or overnight escape from Marrakesh. Hiking trails into the High Atlas Mountains vary greatly, with routes suitable for the casual wanderer or the serious trekker. Be sure to take breaks to admire your surroundings as well as the spectacular view of the city. If you’re interested in a challenge, consider a trek that includes climbing Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest mountain. (more…)

Exploring Asilah, Morocco

asilah moroccoWhen you visit Morocco, you have a host of choices to make about where to visit and what to do. If you’ve visited Morocco before and have hit all the highlights, or you’re looking for a low-key, under-the-radar destination, consider visiting Asilah, Morocco.

Asilah sits along the Atlantic Coast near Moulay in the northern portion of the country. Situated on the outskirts of the Rif Mountains, its two closest areas for outdoor activities are Jebel Bouhachem Nature Reserve and Talassemtane National Park. (more…)