Trek the High Atlas Any Time of the Year

Morocco High Atlas TrekkingIf you are thinking of visiting Morocco for the trekking opportunities in the High Atlas Mountains, there is no bad time to go. Depending on what type of trek you desire and your physical abilities, you will be able to find a trek at any time of the year.

There are a number of easy and moderate day hikes in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Some of these hikes will take a good portion of the day but should be manageable by most people. Toubkal Park and the Azaden Valley offer hikes for those with a bit more experience and stamina. If you’d like to enjoy a couple days of hiking in the High Atlas Mountains, there are tours available that allow trekkers to stay with a local family so that they don’t need to shuttle back and forth from the city day after day. (more…)

Introduction to Taliouine, Morocco

taliouine moroccoTaliouine is a small village located near the city of Taroudant, in the southern Souss region of Morocco. The village is situated in the Anti Atlas Mountains, which tend to be less hospitable due to hotter temperatures, rockier terrain and the harsh desert, which lies at its base.

Despite the difficult living conditions, Morocco’s history here was written by Glaoui (or El Haj T’hami el Mezouari el Glaoui), who moved into the area and decided to become “Lord of the Atlas.” Glaoui and his brother ran the Aglawou tribe of southern Morocco. In the 1800s, they created a Kasbah in Taliouine and Telouet. Today, though the Atlas Mountains are primarily populated by the Berbers, in Taliouine, you will meet descendants of Glaoui’s servants. (more…)