Exploring Sala Colonia (Chellah) in Morocco

chellah moroccoVisitors flock to Morocco to experience Morocco’s imperial cities, scenic mountain ranges and seemingly endless waves of sand dunes. What you might not realize is that Morocco also has ancient sites where you can meander through Roman ruins. If you are visiting Rabat, the nation’s capital, you can visit the Roman town of Sala Colonia, which is also known as Chellah, just by taking a few steps beyond Rabat’s city walls.

The Roman town is surrounded by its own set of walls, made of the red stone common for that area. The few entrances to the premises possess the form of the region’s characteristic arch, with the main entrance marked by majestic pillars near the northern end of the west wall. Once inside the walls, you see ruins of buildings built before 1100 AD, including seemingly isolated pillars and rocks with readable ancient carvings. (more…)