Forget Me Not: Morocco’s Tin Mal Mosque

Tin Mal Mosque in Morocco

Leave the busy streets of Marrakesh for a day and venture off into the Atlas Mountains – what you will find may certainly surprise you. Tucked away in the vast North African mountain range is a minor tribute to what was at one time the most significant spiritual center of the glorious Almohad dynasty – the Tin Mal Mosque (or Tinmel Mosque). It was once a vital stronghold hidden in the mountains with political, military and religious significance, but it stands in slight ruin and devoid of many tourist visitors; all of these reasons you should take a visit.

The Tin Mal Mosque can now be found just off of the Tizi ‘n’ Test road that crosses the High Atlas Mountains; it’s about one-and-a-half hours from Marrakesh. It offers the unique opportunity for visitors to look into what was once a magnificent mosque. (more…)

Ourigane and the Tin Mal Mosque Day Trip

High Atlas Mountains Morocco

High Atlas Mountains Morocco

Morocco is teaming with a variety of activities.  The nature lover in you has probably considered several that you can enjoy while on a Morocco holiday.  The perfect Morocco holiday will not be complete unless you take the day trip to the Ourigane and Tin Mal Mosque.  Both locations are an hour from Marrakesh.  You will travel first to the Ourigane, where a new dam was recently built. (more…)