Getting Around Morocco

morocco transportationWhen some people travel, the uncertainty of how to get where they need to go when they need to be there is enough to simply call off the trip. It’s true that getting around Morocco can be a bit challenging, especially in comparison to other countries that have high-speed rail lines and well-developed public transportation systems. If you aren’t interested in figuring out the logistics of transportation yourself, there are many tour companies in Morocco that would be happy to take care of the details. But for those who want to travel the country on their own, it is possible to get around with some patience and a little bit of insider knowledge. (more…)

Transportation To and From Morocco

train travel is one option in Morocco If you’re like many, you start by finding out where the country’s major international airports are and search for flights from your nearest airport to those destinations to begin your trip research.

However, a round-trip flight between your airport and the Mohammed V International Airport near Casablanca is only one of a handful of ways to get to and from the country. Depending on how much time you have and the places you intend to visit, you might find that other options better fit your interests and budget. (more…)