How to Prepare for a Safe and Fun Trip to Morocco

Morocco doctor Morocco dentist“Expect the unexpected”—perhaps the unofficial first rule of travel. You want to be open to horizon-broadening, life-altering, they-won’t-believe-it-when-I tell-them-back-home experiences. But you don’t want these experiences to come at the expense of your health and safety. A little foresight and caution will go a long way to making your trip to Morocco a safe and happy one.

Having your belongings stolen is one way to turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Most problematic for tourists is petty thievery, such as pickpockets and purse thieves. Minimize your risk by minimizing your visibility. Leave expensive-looking camera bags and purses, watches, and jewelry at home. Don’t carry all your money with you—leave the majority in a secure place in your hotel. Some have safes; otherwise, lock it in your suitcase. (more…)