Morocco’s Mountain Ranges: An Overview

mountains moroccoWhile many travelers are most familiar with Morocco’s imperial cities, the country’s majestic mountain ranges warrant a visit from anyone who appreciates a scenic landscape. From short, easy hikes to multi-day treks, the mountain ranges offer something for almost every type of traveler.

Rif Mountains

Located in the northernmost part of Morocco, the Rif Mountain range runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast. Though it tends to receive fewer visitors than the country’s other ranges, the area’s peaks delight trekkers with views of limestone cliffs, gorges, valleys and flowing streams. (more…)

10 Reasons to Vacation in Morocco

morocco things to doWhen you travel, do you like to poke around palaces, indulge yourself in history at a museum or sip coffee at a local café? Do you prefer to take part in extreme sports or wander through the wilderness?

The beauty of Morocco as a vacation destination is that it’s a country diverse in adventure, culture and heritage, and regardless of your travel style, you’ll find something here that suits you. Whatever your preferences when it comes to travel, here are ten good reasons you’ll want to make Morocco your next holiday destination:

1. Trekking experiences are plentiful. The main mountain ranges in Morocco are the Rif Mountains, Atlas Mountains, Middle Atlas Mountains and Anti Atlas Mountains. The Rif Mountains, located in the northern section of the country, are covered with cascades, forested land and caves. Expert trekkers will find more challenging terrain in the High Atlas Mountains. (more…)

Trekking Mount Bouhachem and Mount Soukna

rif mountains mount bouhachem mount soukna moroccoFor outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience trekking in Morocco without the crowds—or for those who have been to Morocco before but are looking for new places to explore—look no further than northern Morocco.

Talassemtane National Park, a vast area with 150,000 acres of forested land, is located near the Rif Mountains, a region north of the Middle Atlas Mountains. While many people opt for tours in the High Atlas Mountains, those who set their sights on Mount Bouhachem and Mount Soukna will have the opportunity to experience Morocco’s great outdoors without rubbing elbows with countless other tour groups. (more…)

Trekking Morocco Lakes Tour

el-ouidane-lake-moroccoThe Middle Atlas Mountains are just one region worthy of a trek while on holiday in Morocco.  Imagine caves where ancient tribes used to live, waterfalls rushing over plateaus of limestone, or tall gorges where a single path meanders through. Morocco is a land of diverse cultures and distinguishable landscapes. A tour around the lakes is a microcosm of what Morocco has to offer each visitor. (more…)