Exploring Al Hoceima, Morocco

Al Hoceima MoroccoThe Rif Mountains and the Mediterranean beaches are what make of Al Hoceima one of the most attractive and enticing cities in Morocco. Entering the city, you may think you are arriving in a very common Moroccan town with cube-like buildings, cafes and a few hotels. Despite this, the natural setting around Al Hoceima is makes it seem much more remote than most people probably imagine.

Al Hoceima, also known among the locals as Biya, is located on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. It was colonized by the Spanish for more than three decades during which it was called Villa Sanjuro. You can still see the Spanish architectural influence throughout the city in spite of the growing number of new buildings. Many residents of Al Hoceima still speak fluent Spanish as their second or third language. Most of the population are Berbers from the Bucoya tribe who speak Tamazight, a Berber dialect. (more…)