Whitewater Rafting in Morocco

whitewater rafting moroccoIf you are looking to give your feet a break on your next trip to Morocco, consider finding a reputable whitewater rafting company. Day trips are possible but you also have to opportunity to float for a few days, which allows you to experience a great camping experience as well. One of the most popular places to begin a whitewater rafting trip is from the Middle Atlas Mountains on the Ahanssel River. The area is remote, but knowledgeable guides and warm weather make it easy to get used to the isolation.

Journey Beyond Travel is one of the more reputable tour companies on the water who can customize trips and combination packages that mix time on the water with a trek in the mountains of Morocco. For the most part, these trips are reasonably priced and family friendly. While you are on the river, all meals will be provided so you only need to bring your clothing and other personal items. (more…)

Trekking Through Morocco’s Sahara Desert

Most people do not realize that the Sahara Desert is not just sand and rolling dunes.  Only about twenty-five percent of the Sahara, which is about the size of the United States, is sand. The rest of the Sahara is volcanic hills, gravel plains, rock formations, and some scraggly vegetation.  It is the home, surprisingly enough, of over 300 bird species and animals including mongooses, snakes, jackals, deer, hares, foxes, and baboons.  It is also wonderful to explore on camel and enjoy sleeping beneath the open sky.  (more…)

MHamid and Erg Chigaga

MHamid brings a quieter pace of life to Morocco. It is nestled in the Zagora region just past the Draa Valley and is one of the starting points of the famed Sahara desert. Although travel to this small town is an adventure in itself, many tourists still make the trip. This is due in large part to the picturesque views that are afforded by the Sahara desert and surrounding High Atlas Mountains ranges. Vibrant Marrakech is approximately seven to eight hours of travel time from this small secluded area. (more…)

Encounter Morocco’s Draa Valley

You are enjoying your Morocco holiday. You have visited cities out of the past. You have walked where royals walked. You have visited the mystery of Tangiers and Casablanca. Now, though, you’re ready for a change from urban scenery to rural splendidness. Take a trip, then, through the Draa Valley. Here burned mountains, red clay villages seemingly sprouted from the earth and Berber villages with contrasting palm oasises line your itinerary. The Draa Valley is known as the date basket of Morocco. Shipping worldwide, this “date basket” provides an income and lifestyle to many in the area. (more…)