Things to do in the Sahara besides riding a camel

As the largest, and one of the driest, deserts on Earth, it’s safe to say there are very few places in the world like the Sahara Desert. The infinite sea of sandy dunes all in different shades of gold is the perfect setting to experience a once-in-a-lifetime getaway filled with adventure, fun, and unique experiences.

Most people want to visit the Sahara Desert and explore it on a camel’s back. While that’s certainly an exciting adventure to have, there are many more things you can do in the desert! Find our suggestions below.

7 Things We Recommend You Do in the Sahara Desert

Ride a quad bike

The Sahara Desert is one of the most idyllic places to wind down and enjoy nature at its finest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun too! Rent your own quad bike and book a 1- or 2-hour trip with a guide to explore the sandy dunes. Activities could include visiting local villages, discover palm groves or simply enjoy the golden landscape zooming past you as you explore the Sahara Desert on four wheels.

Desert Spa Day

Merzouga locals swear by the healing properties of the Saharan sand – and they’re now teaching visitors how to use these to their advantage too. As the sun rises, Berber men dig up holes in the desert dunes where visitors can then lie for up to 30 minutes (water provided!). This “sand bath” is said to be good for muscles, aching limbs and even some skin diseases – and it’s most effective in the heat of the summer months. This might not be the most conventional spa in the world, but it’s certainly an interesting way to experience the Sahara!

Stargazing in the Sahara


Of all the things to do in the Sahara Desert, this is likely the most magical. With no light pollution in sight, you’ll have a clear view of the starry, starry Sahara Desert sky above you. You’ll be left in awe of the countless stars, the deep blue sky and the deafening silence around you as the night falls. For the wannabe astronomers, make sure to download a free stargazing app to help you find planets, constellations and even the International Space Station!

Sand surfing

Did you know you don’t actually need an ocean to surf? In the Sahara Desert, the sandy dunes become the perfect waves to surf on your own sand/snow board or sand ski! Just pick one of the massive golden dunes around your sleeper camp and have fun! But remember – there are no ski lifts here, so it’s on you to walk back up the dune each time!

Sit around the camp fire

This may sound surprising, but there’s actually a lot of dead wood and dry bushes to collect in the Sahara. And that’s all you’ll need to get your fire going quickly. On winter nights, when temperatures drop dramatically at night, this will be the best way to keep warm. The rest of the year, a camp fire is the perfect spot to grill your BBQ dinner over the glowing embers and enjoy a tasty meal under the stars!

Spot wildlife in the Sahara Desert

Spot wildlife

Certain animals are more readily noticeable compared to others. The desert fox, commonly referred to as a Fennec, occasionally leaves traces that can be spotted in the morning; however, they are known to be exceptionally elusive. On the other hand, desert mice are a little different, despite also being small and nimble, they are comparatively more visible. In the remote expanse of Erg Chigaga, natural reserves are home to reintroduced populations of addax and gazelles.

Watch the sunset (or sunrise!)

Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful in any corner of the world, but there’s something magical about the way the warm colors of the sky paint the golden dunes of the Sahara. Just like stargazing, it’s the deafening silence as the day begins or ends that sets the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the kaleidoscope of color that takes over the Sahara Desert.

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