saidia morocco water coastUntil Moroccan the king, Mohammed VI, released his Vision 2010 plan for the country’s tourism industry, Saidia was barely a dot on the tourist map. This small coastal town between the Algerian border and Spanish Melilla is in the process of being transformed into one of the Mediterranean’s most visited beach resorts. The grand vision includes development plans for five full-scale seaside resorts, Saidia being one of the first.

While on tours to Morocco, the day is best started in Saidia with a sunrise breakfast, deep sea fishing in the nearby bay Cap de l’Eau, or a lazy morning sleep-in followed by a stroll on the eight-mile stretch of white sand beach. In this seaside town, activities are mostly focused on the sand and sea. You can spend your morning exploring dive wrecks, taking a sailing lesson or soaking up the Mediterranean rays. If you happen be in Saidia during June, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the annual sailing regatta.

A laid-back lunch could be taking a picnic on the beach or dining at one of the many restaurants at the 160-venue Medina Saidia commercial area. Built in the style of a traditional Moroccan city, Medina Saidia is a pedestrian area lined with shops, outlets and restaurants. There you’ll also find Marjane supermarket where you can stock up on snacks, drinks or groceries if you plan to cook and eat in or host your own barbecue at your rented condo or beach house.

If you’d like to spend your afternoon off the beach, consider exploring the town’s restored 16th-century Kasbah, visiting the bird preserve bordering Saidia or playing a round of golf on one of the three 18-hole courses. Golf lessons are also available. Take a day trip to the urban center of Oujda where you can shop Moroccan fashions, walk the tree-lined promenade or browse local music at the CD shops. Oujda is a place where you can feel the hustle and bustle of Moroccan markets, sample local cuisine and attend live musical performances.

In the evening, take a sunset promenade to ogle at the private yachts at Saidia’s 850-mooring marina, relax at one of the luxury clubhouses or listen to classical Berber music at a beachfront hotel. If you visit in August, you may be able to catch Saidia’s annual summer music festival, which you can read more about on our Morocco blog using the search feature..

Written by Heather Carreiro.

Photo by amjahed.