Morocco's Waterfalls

Morocco's Waterfalls

Going into the mountains of Morocco is a journey you will not want to miss. There are numerous areas in Morocco for fellow adventurers to enjoy. Trekking excursions can be had alone or as a part of a more thorough customized Morocco holidays. The most notable area for trekking in Morocco is going to be the High Atlas Mountains. 

 The lure of the High Atlas comes from the unspoiled land.  In Morocco the country is largely uninhabited or changed from a century ago.  Instead the natural wonders are left to spring from the mountains in a splendour unlike any other.  Most of the High Atlas roads are unpaved, and many of the treks are unmapped.  There are villages within the mountains that are not always known outside of the region.  Homes are still built into the cliffs using sand rather than wood or other modern techniques.  This is not to say that Morocco does not have some cities filled with modern amenities.  There are even ski resorts to be found in the High Atlas, with lovely accommodations. Morocco offers a bit of culture, a bit of adventure and always a lot of new experiences.

Those going High Atlas trekking typically spend their days moving around to different locations that they can hike in a day; however, there are also two to fourteen day trekking tours one can take.  Shorter treks like the one up and around Jbel Toubkal–Mount Toubkal–are especially beautiful in the spring or autumn.  Djebel Sirwa, the western High Atlas, Djebel Sarhro, and Tafraoute are some other areas for day treks. 

An especially wonderful trek is the Cascades. The Cascades d’Ouzoud is a very popular place for summer.  In the area are spectacular falls to take magnificent photographs of.  The falls are easily reached and yet they remain un- commercialized.  The falls can be found in the Northwest from Azilal.  During the morning and early afternoon they tend to be surrounded in darkness because of the trees covering the earth.  Mid to late afternoon when you can reach the falls with a day hike you will find rainbows as the sun glistens off the water.  There are a number of lookout spots from the path to view the falls, and if you wish you can hike up above the waterfalls to look down at the village and path below.  From the top of the waterfall it is easy to see the watermills and wheat houses where flour is ground. 

The river from the falls is diverted into the village so it can be used most effectively. As you descend to the village you can walk past the shops, homes, and other buildings until you get to the main pool.  Here you will be able to take a boating trip hosted by one of the villagers.  They take you through the water to get a lower view of the cascades above.  You may even be able to spot a Barbary monkey sitting in an oak tree eating a snack. The trekking Morocco experience to the cascades shows you a natural wonder found in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains.

by Sam Mitchell