el-ouidane-lake-moroccoThe Middle Atlas Mountains are just one region worthy of a trek while on holiday in Morocco.  Imagine caves where ancient tribes used to live, waterfalls rushing over plateaus of limestone, or tall gorges where a single path meanders through. Morocco is a land of diverse cultures and distinguishable landscapes. A tour around the lakes is a microcosm of what Morocco has to offer each visitor.

Trekking Middle Atlas Mountains will differ somewhat from trekking Morocco.  The High Atlas Mountains, as the name denotes, are higher in altitude than the Middle Atlas.  The region is also more populated in the Middle Atlas region.  For this reason it is easier for tour operators to set up visits through the region to show you some of the splendor of the area.

One up-and-coming Morocco tour is the Lakes Tour.  There are three most beautiful lakes in the region: Dayat Aoua, Dayat Ifrah, and the Dayat Hachlaf are the three lakes running 9 kilometers south of Imouzzer du Kandar.

The first, Lake Dayat Aoua, is a natural lake created by a depression in the land that would trap the rain water and snow melt. This year it is full and swimable. From Dayat Aoua, Dayat Ifrah can be reached by taking a narrow gravel road. It follows a path of mountains that rise around the lake area.  The road continues on to the Dayat Hachlaf. Nearby is then the valley of the rocks.

In this valley ducks, heron, egrets, cranes, and birds of prey populate the area.  There is a bird sanctuary surrounding the lakes, keeping the species protected.  For bird lovers this trek is perfect for seeing the various species. They are quite the ninjas, hiding out but bellowing out their rapping tunes.

Visitors have a couple of choices when it comes to the exploration of the Lakes area. As we have mentioned, there is a narrow road which can be driven in one day.   option is to have a walking Morocco trekking adventure.  This adventure allows you to explore on foot the various lakes, while staying in some of the villages surrounding the area.  These trekking tours may not include high altitude experiences, but they are relaxing and great for those who appreciate such wonders.
Another option can take in several of the mountains.  Trekking Jbel Tazzeka in the Middle Atlas or moving on to the High Atlas Mountains and M’Goun are other choices for your custom Morocco holidays and deals from Journey Beyond Travel.  Even the Rifs can be seen while you are in Morocco, provided you have enough time.

The Rifs are towards the northern coast. These mountains like the Middle Atlas are not especially tall next to the High Atlas Mountains, but they include caves, gorges and waterfalls.

Much of the hiking around the lakes shows colorful contrasts, with arid shrubbery and reddish earth. Each lake has it’s own water source, either snow melt or natural springs. Each lake, too, is a varying length, with summertime dips to cool off a long hike always doable. Morocco’s lakes are largely determinant on the snowfall. This year, all the lakes have more than enough water. Some that haven’t had water in over 40 years look as if they had been there for centuries.

by Sam Mitchell