There is perhaps no other place on the planet that offers up scenic views mixed with cultural pride shining through than while you make your way through Morocco. One of the best ways to spend a holiday is by experiencing a secret adventure – white water rafting in Morocco. This is a water sport activity that the whole family can enjoy. Adults and kids alike will enjoy taking to the open water and going on the excursion of their lives.

Imagine the family holiday memories that will be created from white water rafting in Morocco. Take a journey through the High Atlas Mountains where sun kissed mountain tops light the way through majestic gorges that practically touch the sky on both sides of the Ahansel River. The crystal clear water gives off the illusion of being as mellow as a piece of colored glass hanging in grandma’s window. Make no mistake, however, for churning rapids will have you hanging onto your seat in excited anticipation as around the corner lies an impressive and bumpy ride; not so much like grandma’s anymore!

Moroccan Landscapes:

Morocco offers up some of the most beautiful landscapes on the globe for rafting in Morocco. Various white water operators begin their adventure on the Ahansel River. There is good reason for this. It is one of the mightiest, hidden gems in Morocco.

The Ahansel River travels a course of rock beds as it gushes through the gorges of the Middle Atlas Mountains near the famed areas most known for Morocco trekking. Lining the shore are small towns rich in Moroccan tradition and heritage. These provide quaint resting spots as the Morocco rafting tour continues down the river.

As the Morocco trip draws to a close, riders are welcomed back onto dry land with a visit to the eclectic city of Marrakech. The atmosphere found here is one of constant activity. It is a place where historical values merge with modern living to provide the best of both worlds. Traditional Morocco souks -or outdoor markets- blanket the city offering traditional Moroccan accent pieces and woven fabric creations. These pieces exhibit a hand crafted flair to that is unique to Morocco. It is a creative way for visitors to take a moment from a Morocco holiday home with them.

Equipment: Back to Rafting!

The average Morocco itinerary down a white water rafting course utilizes rafts that can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 8 people. A trained river tour guide accompanies each raft as well. Before the raft pushes off for that unforgettable Morocco adventure, the tour guide reviews safety techniques with passengers.

This includes what to do should a passenger fall overboard at any point. As an added safety measure, many of the tours commission the skills of an experience kayaker. This individual paddles ahead of the raft as rapids approach in order to provide extra assistance to the raft, if needed, as it passes over the area.

Other vital pieces of equipment to make a Morocco white water rafting trip complete include the paddles. Outside of the raft, this is perhaps the single most important piece of equipment. Most white water rafting paddles are 16 feet in length. Each rider in the raft is an active participant in this unforgettable Moroccan journey. The paddles are utilized to navigate the raft through the waters of the Ahansel River. Directions are given out to the team from the tour guide seated in the back of the raft.

Many of the Moroccan white water rafting adventures span the course of three days and two nights. In this time period, virtually every inch of the mighty Ahansel River is explored via the white water rafting expedition. As night approaches, the tour guide will direct the raft participants to make camp along the shoreline. For this reason, many of the white water rafting Morocco tour operators includes camping gear as part of the equipment that is brought along. There is nothing more spectacular than brining an exciting day of Morocco adventure to a close lying underneath the stars of its beautiful sky.

What to Expect

A Moroccan rafting adventure is ever bit as thrilling with exciting twists and turns waiting around every corner. For starters, first time rafters can expect to spend an average of 4 to 5 hours per day traveling the Ahansel River. This is broken down into 2 to 3 hour smaller shifts on the water. Afterwards, a lunch stop is made. Then it’s back into the river waters for more white water rafting excitement.

Participants are on a Morocco holiday, so it you won’t have to do all the work. Almost everything is taken care of for you–from tents and beds to food, snacks and parties. The fast paced nature of the trip is left at the shoreline so that Morocco holiday travelers can soak in the beauty that surrounds them. This adventure is one you’ll never forget. Just don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera!