Zaouia d'Ifrane MoroccoIf you are planning a trip to the Middle Atlas in Morocco, make sure you don’t miss the Berber village of Zaouia d’Ifrane. The area, located in the province of Ifrane, is known for its cedar and oak forest, waterfalls and beautiful plateaus and cliffs. The town was named after its famous shrine, or zaouia, built around the tomb of the marabout Sidi Boubker Mohammed. For many, it is enough to know that the Zaouia d’Ifrane is part of the town of Ifrane, which will guarantee all visitors an exceptional experience.

The village is visited by tourists throughout the year, due to the numerous activities it offers. Famous for its mountainous environment, many visit to hike and bike in the region. For others, watching the waterfalls while picnicking and resting is what makes a visit to the Zaouia d’Ifrane so special. Walking throughout its dense and rich forest offers a great range of views, from the stunning mountainside to the picturesque waterfalls. Its lush fields offer the perfect camping sites on which to pitch your tent and explore the area.

Starting from Zaouia d’Ifrane, you can see a number of Moroccan cities on a day trip. It is less than half an hour from Ifrane, only 25 km south of Azrou and only about 100 km from the city of Fez. If you are planning on staying in a comfortable hotel while visiting the village, you may want to consider staying in Ifrane or Fez. Zaouia d’Ifrane has only a few backpack lodges.

Written by Ghizlane Gray.

Photo by Amina Lahbabi.