Imperial Cities

Ancient Medinas and Vibrant Markets

Imperial Cities of Morocco Itinerary Map

The itinerary below is an example of what we can and have put together. We can use this as a base for your own customized journey through Morocco.


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Day 1 – Arrive Casablanca
Airport Transfer (1hr)
Depending on your time of arrival, you might like to see some of the sights of Casablanca, in particular the Hassan II Mosque with the tallest minaret in the world. Our Insider’s Guide to Casablanca tells you all you need to know.

Day 2 – Meknes | Volubilis | Fez
Transport (4hrs), Private Guided Visit, Breakfast, Lunch
Today, on this Morocco city tour, you’ll head to the lesser-visited Imperial City of Meknes. Once you meet your local expert and guide, you’ll be able to visit the famed gate of Bab El Mansour, Dar Jamai Palace, the Royal Stables, and the tomb of Moulay Ismail. Just thirty minutes away is the Roman ruins of Volubilis, a fascinating former Roman stronghold with colonnaded streets, various ancient homes, buildings, and olive presses, as well as well-preserved (yet not well protected) mosaics. Not far off is the sacred town of Moulay Idriss, which appears as a sitting camel from the ruins. It’s a good place to grab a bite to eat before you head to Fez. This evening, a fine Moroccan meal will be served in your riad.

Day 3 – Fez Guided Visit
Private Guided Visit, Lunch
The maze of arms-width alleyways and donkey-width roads of the UNESCO protected Fez medina – said to be around nine thousand of them, (although no-one says who counted them) – are confusing even to those who have spent years living in this delightful city. Your Fez born-and-bred guide will unfold the hidden stories and tucked away corners, the minutiae of daily life and the magnificence of its madersas and palaces. You see the fabulous Fez as only a true local can know. You can plan ahead with the help of our Insider’s Guide to Fez. The tour lasts from 9:30am until 5:30pm, with lunch included.

Day 4 – Rabat
Transport (3hrs), Breakfast, Dinner
Morocco’s capital, Rabat, is the most relaxing Imperial cities to visit. You will be spending the night in a delightful riad, a traditional Moroccan home within the Rabat medina, which will give you an opportunity to experience the peaceful streets of this ancient centre before the hustle and bustle of the more hectic medinas of Fez and Marrakech. You can spend your day exploring the city; the monumental unfinished Hassan Tower, with the pillared stumps of its mosque being all that remains from the devastating earthquake that killed an estimated ten thousand people in North Africa in 1755. There is also the near-by Mausoleum Mohammed V, watched over by red-robed Royal Guards; smell the flowers in the Andalucian Garden of the Kasbah Oudayas, a walled ‘village within a city’; and discover the Chellah Gardens and Necropolis, where hundreds of storks send their strange clacking call through the air.

Day 5 – Marrakesh
Transport (4hrs), Breakfast, Dinner
You’ll depart from Rabat this morning and travel to the most well-known Imperial City on this tour – Marrakesh. En route, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop for breaks and will arrive into the “Red City” just in time to enjoy the main square, called Djem Alfna, before a scrumptious dinner is served in your lovely riad this evening. You can settle in and have a read through our Insider’s Guide to Marrakesh to see what you’ll most like to see and do tomorrow. You’ll have a night’s rest before really exploring the souks tomorrow.

Day 6 – Marrakesh Guided Visit
Private Guided Visit, Breakfast, Lunch
Marrakesh, with its vivacious souk where you will be dazzled by the displays of djellabas, soft brightly coulored babouches, intricately pierced lanterns, conical mounds of exotic spices and the hubbub of life in the spider’s web of alleys, is the focus of today’s private guided city visit. Our humble and energetic guide can regal you with history and stories of the Medina, the Souk and the Mellah sections kept within the city’s rose pink walls. Lunch is included on the tour today.

Day 7 – Marrakesh to El Jadida
Transport (2hrs), Breakfast
Depending upon your flight time tomorrow, you can stay in Marrakesh or travel to El Jadida for a relaxing night before tomorrow’s departure. Some travelers may wish to go to Casablanca instead of El Jadida if there are still some sights you wish to see. You might also opt to stay in Marrakesh tonight where the travel time to the Casablanca airport tomorrow is three hours (so an afternoon flight will work best). You might also find flights departing from the Marrakesh (RAK) airport. For those doing this route at the 4/5-star level, a 3-night minimum in Marrakesh is required, so plan your departure from Marrakesh or from Casablanca in the afternoon tomorrow.

Day 8 – Depart Casablanca
Airport Transfer (1.5hrs)
You’ll be departing Morocco today, so we hope you enjoyed your tour!

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