Sustainable Projects in Morocco with Journey Beyond Travel

Journey Beyond Travel has always had a central goal of supporting local causes, associations, and initiatives throughout the country, especially in the places our travelers visit. Our founders were Peace Corps volunteers and our staff have spent years in the NGO sector, working for UNESCO, volunteering time with local initiatives and orphanages, and doing their best to our planet a better place.

We’ve listed some of the current causes below that we support at the grassroots level. A percentage from each of our tours goes directly to these projects.

We are proud to be members of the ATTA, the International Eco-Tourism Society, and are certified in Sustainable Community Development and Sustainable Tourism Management.

Fair Trade Program in Morocco

After much planning, Journey Beyond Travel is proud to announce that we’ve been selected as the exclusive parter of The Anou – a fair trade revolution taking place in Morocco. The initiative has already received overwhelming kudos for bringing shoppers directly to artisans, both online and off, and for the empowerment of local communities, artisans, and families. Feel free to read more about Anou and the JBT partnership for all the details. Initially, JBT will be sharing information about Anou, including an pre-departure informational packet, with our travelers so that they will be able to access certified ‘Fair Trade’ centers throughout the country on our trips.

High Atlas Foundation

We were very excited to pilot a program beginning in 2021 with the High Atlas Foundation to not only offset carbon, but give back to the grid for each tour we facilitate. We’ve taken the time to account for our travelers comprehensive carbon footprint, from the types of food they eat and electricity they use, to the carbon cost of their international flights and on-the-ground transport. We’re proud to say that not only are our tours now carbon-neutral… in fact, in traveling with us, you’ll be giving back to the grid!

Additionally, as we’ve done since 2011, we will continue to collect donations from travelers at the time of booking a trip that goes directly to the High Atlas Foundation. We match all donations made by our travelers.

The High Atlas Foundation works with locals to plant trees and with sustainable initiatives. Find out more here:

Education for All

In 2013, we started helping with Education for All (EFA) by allocating funds that go directly to this organization each year. Additionally, we do our best to promote the organization’s efforts to our travelers in hopes of sponsorship for girls. We are proud to support such initiatives for education in Morocco – this one focusing on offering housing and support for girls from rural communities. We plan on increasing our donations to EFA and if you’d like to offer a helping hand, read more in our in-depth article about Education for All. Do feel free to contact us for any details.

Village of Khemlia

Since we began, we’ve had travelers visit the village of Khemlia, just past Merzouga. In every trip we do, we donate directly to a village. The locals here pride themselves on their Gnawa music and put on a quite a show and sell their CDs after a performance.

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