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So you’ve seen the snake charmers in Marrakesh, you’ve gotten hopelessly lost in endless souks in Fez, and you’ve rocked all the casbahs around Casablanca. Check, check, and check. But what if you’re just not a checklist traveler? What if you want more than just a Facebook photo, but an experience to last a lifetime? Here’s our 5 places in Morocco that you should visit (but probably haven’t!).

5 Places in Morocco You Won't Visit but Should!

Behind the whirlwind travel itineraries, there’s a whole other world just waiting to be discovered if you only search for it – or if you have a little help. We’ll be the first to let you in on a few secrets. Here are five places you probably won’t go – but should – in Morocco.

The Akchour Waterfall

Gods Bridge, Akchour Waterfall Morocco

Locals in the know are waiting to lead you on a journey to the Akchour Waterfall, hidden in the Rif Mountains. A relatively easy 45-minute hike uphill will take you to the waterfall, where you can perch up on a large rock and take in the view. Then, plunge into the crystal clear water to take a swim or watch brave locals try to scale the rock wall nearby. The more athletically inclined can continue onwards over rocks and rope bridges to gorgeous God’s Bridge, a natural arch formed over thousands of years. You’ll be able to see the natural bridge whether you go on the shorter or the longer hike. Either way, you’ll know immediately where its name came from: the view is simply stunning.


Asilah Morocco

This tranquil town on the northwest coast features whitewashed houses with blue doors and windows; the architecture will make you wonder if you accidentally stumbled onto a Greek island. That is, until you spot the striking old fortress and stone city walls. Previously conquered by the Romans and later Portugal and Spain, the town still features colonial design elements. Additionally, bright, bold colors are everywhere, from “graffiti” that actually looks more like artistic masterpieces to colorful clothing, bags, and artwork for sale by local vendors.

A yearly International Art Festival during the first two weeks in August adds to the bohemian vibes that can be observed throughout the city all year. You’re sure to leave inspired!


Agadir Morocco

The hip beach town of Agadir isn’t unknown to tourists, but is also quite popular with locals, especially surfers. The long, flat beach boasts silky sands and views not only of giant waves crashing, but also of camels relaxing by the water.You can ask the owners to hop on and go for a ride along the Atlantic shore. When you’re ready for lunch, hit up one of the many relaxed spots that serve up the best fresh fish you’ve ever tasted. Just don’t be surprised if you get serenaded by local singers — or nearly hit by a football from locals passing the ball back and forth by the water. Toss their ball back with a smile and perhaps you’ll make a new friend.

The King’s Castle, Tetouan

The King's Castle Tetouan

To get to the castle, you’ll first have to wind your way through an authentic Berber market, where friendly locals will eagerly offer to let you try on traditional clothing in the hopes of making a sale. At the end of the road, you’ll find one of King Mohammed VI’s many royal palaces, flanked by beautiful and enormous green, white, and gold pillars. Although there’s no public entry into the castle, the building itself is striking: the town used to fall under the Spanish protectorate, and the  Andalusian influence on the building is clear.  Residents of the medium-sized northern city boast that the castle in Tetouan is the King’s “summer home,” as he often stops in during the summer months before heading to another favorite spot, Martil. As an added bonus, the palace is set against the backdrop of looming mountains, which can be seen in the distance all throughout the city.

The Moroccan Sahara

Sunrise in the Sahara Desert Morocco

Ok, so maybe you have thought of visiting but the long drive put you off, or the thought of sleeping in a tent isn’t really your thing. Push those negative thoughts aside! After experiencing the hustle and bustle of busy markets and crowded plazas, take a moment of silence in Morocco’s expansive desert. You’ll truly feel at peace among the endless sand dunes, where you can reflect upon where you’ve been and where you’re going. There’s no other feeling like it. When you’ve gotten all you can from the desert silence, the open land also offers plenty of adventure: from camel riding to 4×4 off-roading, you can pick your pleasure. If you have the chance to stay overnight, do: the desert sunrises and sunsets will surely stay in your memories as one of the most beautiful sights on the planet.

Getting to These Places

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