Many tour companies will claim that they will offer you the best deal and service for your experience. When choosing to work with an agency, there are a variety of factors to consider – especially when you want to travel to an exotic destination, such as Morocco.

These aforementioned variables should also be weighed against what sort of adventure you and your travel group or family want to have. As you consider different options, the following points will help you to create a shortlist that will help you make an informed decision on which travel company with which to work.

Is the tour operator specialized?

Does the trip provider offer you the type of trip that you’d like to go on? If you are into large bus tours that simply take you from one five-star hotel to another, then you’ll have plenty of tour companies to choose from. However, if you are looking for something different, intimate, cultural, or perhaps active, find a tour operator that deals with these sorts of adventures.

How many destinations does the tour operator specialize in?

If you decide to work with a large travel and tour agency, they might offer holiday packages in several different countries. These types of companies could be labeled as the “master of none”. While they might offer decent prices on tour packages throughout the world, that doesn’t mean that the trip is going to be tailored to your needs. In a world where nearly 80% of travelers book tours on the Internet, it is best to find a tour operator who is specialized for the area in which you want to travel.

Where is the tour operator located?

An operator that is located in the country that you would like to travel is worth more than gold. Someone who books tours from an office in New York City, for example, is not going to be able to offer you the minute details of the country that a specialized agency will be able to do. If the company does book tours and trips from outside the country they operate, then they should have a representative office in the country in which you plan to travel. If you need help while on your journey, then don’t expect the travel agency in NYC to do a whole lot.

Does the tour operator offer personalized or customized itineraries?

A tour operator should offer a variety of Morocco itineraries to choose from to meet different travelers’ needs. For those who are the more active type, an itinerary that includes trekking in the mountains of Morocco, for example, is always an option. Other travel groups or families might decide that they would prefer a comfort trip with some cultural highlights. Agencies that can offer a variety of holidays that are crafted towards your own style of travel should be highly regarded.

How responsive is the tour operator to your e-mails?

Does the tour operator whom you have contacted respond to your request for information within a day or so? You can judge how much a tour operator cares about its customer relations with not only their initial response, but also their follow-up responses in helping you put together that perfect itinerary. A tour operator who calls you at your convenience and checks in to see how your plans are coming along is a responsive and responsible one who will also keep in communication with you up until the day you depart.

How much information does the tour operator make available to you?

A tour operator who specializes on Morocco, for example, should be an expert in their respective field. If you found them by searching on the Internet, which travel website did you find their reference? Finding a tour operator who is located in the upper search engine results means that the agency has done a lot of work in order to promote itself on other travel websites who are willing to vouch for its credibility. It has nothing to do with paying their way to the top. These are organic listings and to get there isn’t an easy accomplishment for any operator who is not legit and of some reputable quality.

Additionally, a tour operator may or may not be able to book flights for you. But, they should be able to recommend flight options that will save you money. They might also be able to arrange in-country airport pick-up that will save you hassle upon arrival. The more information the tour operator in Morocco can outline about the country you’ll be traveling in, through information packets or online articles, news, and reading material, the better prepared you will be in the end.

Does the tour or vacation agency meet varied price needs of their clientele?

A tour agency that offers a variety of itineraries in Morocco means that they know the country well enough to offer different levels of services to their clients. Unbelievably high prices means that the agency is targeting a certain elite market, or it means that the agency is not working out its itineraries to save its customers the most they possible can for any particular itinerary. It makes sense that the more days you wish to travel, the varied activities you’d like to do, and the type of accommodations and transport you prefer will all be considerations taken into account for the final quoted price. If an agency is willing to help you work out the price structure to make it more affordable to you, then you know that they operator puts its customer relations first and wants your business more than anyone else.

As a side note: Some people searching for great Morocco travel bargains and budget trips want to acquire as much information about the country and itineraries as possible. In some instances, a travel specialist might ask someone who wishes to arrange an itinerary for a ‘trust deposit’ (that will be applied to the future sale) for the services they wish to have rendered. A tour operator has to ensure that before she or he gives out too much of the company’s valuable information that the travelers are actually going to utilize the agency’s full services. This deposit guarantees a traveler and an agency will remain faithful in their collaboration. An agency cannot offer its services free and a ‘trust deposit’ ensures that the agency’s valuable time will be properly remunerated.

Overall, a good tour operator will be able to answer your questions and give you the individual attention to detail you deserve.

A quality tour operator in Morocco should:
1. Be responsive
2. Understand your needs
3. Arrange the best prices possible
4. Provide testimonials to their service
5. Provide you thorough information about the country
6. Offer a variety of services
7. Offer a variety of activities
8. Answer your questions even after the sale
9. Ensure that every detail of your in-country itinerary is arranged
10. Request feedback to better their operation

These top-ten Morocco tour operator rules are the basis of forming a trusting relationship between the travelers and the tour operator agency. Of course, as we attempt to be a superb tour operator, we hope to meet all of these requirements if you decide you’d like to ask us for a quote. For those who are searching and want to make sure that their travel dollars will result in the quality of experience they deserve, they should hunt for an agency that meets all the above-mentioned criteria. Once the itinerary is fully arranged and booked, its time to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!