The start of the Bouhachem National Park, Morocco

The start of the Bouhachem National Park, Morocco

Trekking Morocco is a fantastic experience you will never forget.  Traveling for a family morocco holiday or with your partner gives you plenty of choices for what to do once you reach the African country.  North Morocco is a getaway to one of the most historical areas of Africa.  Tetouan still has sites where medieval craftsmen used to make swords, and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla are full of architectural masterpieces.  When traveling to Morocco for the flora and fauna you should not miss the Rif Mountains.  The Rif Mountains sit on the coast acting as a barrier for the inland towns in the area.

Chefchaouen is a mountain village of the area near the Bouhachem and Talassemtane National Parks.  To discover the secrets of Morocco it is best to take the trekking Morocco tours available to you.  The best way to see the countryside and have memories to pass on is to get out and see what splendor this part of the country has to offer.

Trekking Morocco tours can be tailor made to your needs. Tour operators have day trips, five day trips, and longer trekking tours.  When trekking Morocco, you do need to keep the tour to your skill level.  While the hiking is a playground for adults of sorts, you do not want to take a five day trip if you are neither fit nor used to such long hikes.

The tours begin in Chechaouen Village, which sits between two mountain peaks in the Rifs.  You can head towards Pont de Dieu at Achkour or towards the Ghmara Cliffs.  Both options are inside the Talassemtane National Parks hiking of Northern Morocco.  Chefchauen is also supported by the Ras Maa River running from a magnificent waterfall to the town.  The Toughoubit grotto also has waterfalls at Chrafate.  Many of the local individuals will hunt and fish in the region.  Harrier, the Golden Eagle, Lynx, Otters, and Macaque exist in the area, but most are protected species.

If you just want a day trip from Chefchauen, taking a three to four day Morocco trekking tour to the God’s Bridge and Oued Laou in the Telassemtane National Parks will provide you with some of the most majestic views and plant life in the North.  The trekking tours can be easy to difficult throughout this paradise location.

The Bouhachem and Talassemtane National Parks will offer you everything you could want from Morocco travel.  The villages of the area will supply you with cultural background of the area to see how others live, while the trekking tours will help you see the beauty of the land.  Morocco is one of the lesser traveled countries in the world, keeping it pristine for those who dare to visit.

While the peaks at the Bouhachem and Talassemtane National Parks are not as high as those in the High Atlas Mountains they are nevertheless splendid for any trekking tours you wish to take.  Picture seeing the wildlife mentioned above while meandering around rivers and waterfalls climbing higher to view the villages far below you, and you will have a small glimpse of what the Morocco tours can offer you.

by Sam Mitchell