8 Reasons Morocco Should be Your Next Travel Destination

You’re ready to pack your bags and take the adventure of a lifetime, but where to go, where to go? With so many destinations to choose from it can be overwhelming to select just one. But, there’s one country that you can experience old and new, surf and sand, a modern urban and conservative rural culture, ice cold snow and desert heat – all the contrasts in one! If you’re still not sure why Morocco should be your next travel destination, here are eight reasons worth considering.

You’ll be able to climb a snow-covered mountain and ride a camel!

Morocco is home to the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal rising to 4,167-meters above sea level. During winter months its snow-covered peaks beckon savvy trekkers and the ski resort at Oukaimeden lures skiers from all over the world to try Moroccan powder. Further north s a smaller ski resort: located just outside the Alpine town of Ifrane, the smaller Michlifen slopes are popular for those visiting from Rabat, Meknes, or Fez. Once you traverse the High Atlas and come out on the other side, several hours of driving will take you straight into the Sahara Desert where you can take a camel or 4×4 trek into the dunes. Where else can you ski and play in the sand in one locale?

Dining and Social Events in Morocco

You’ll never be more welcome!

Moroccans can out do even the sweetest southern belle.

In Morocco, hospitality is a way of life. At times it might feel like the degree to which Moroccans go to make you feel welcome is over the top – and therefore not genuine. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s quite standard for shopkeepers to offer a cup of tea or for someone you’ve met only a short time before to invite you to their home for a meal. You’ll never feel more welcomed then when in the company of Moroccans.

You’ll sleep in a 1000 year-old home. 

Many Moroccan cities are made up of ancient homes. In cities such as Marrakech and Fez, the old homes located in the medina can date back centuries. Dozens of riads, restored old homes, can be found throughout the country. Many retain the old charm and style while providing you with modern-day boutique amenities.

 You’ll view artisans working the same as hundreds of years ago.

Morocco's Dirtly Little Co-Op & Shopping Secrets

A special fondness is placed on doing things the way they’ve been done for decades. In the souks (or various market places within walled cities), you’ll see artisans at work in much the same way they did in the past. Most take on young apprentices to teach and train skills such as woodworking, ceramic throwing, and rug making to ensure the legacy of Moroccan handicrafts continues.

You’ll have a shopping experience unlike any other.

For some people shopping is just a fact of life, while others embrace the entire experience. If you are among the latter category, Morocco is the place for you. Winding labyrinths dotted with workshops, storefronts, restaurants, and residential homes are prime game for shoppers. You’ll need to bring cash and you’re A-game bargaining skills but you’ll walk away with some true treasures.

Feast on Moroccan Food

Your tongue will have an adventure of its own!

Listed as one of the world’s top cuisines, Moroccan food is a mix of flavors and cultures. Sweet mixed with savory, meat and fruit, deliciously spiced vegetables, all capped off with pots of sugary sweet mint tea. Diverse cultures; Arab, Berber, Sephardic, European, and African all contribute to the cuisine we know today. We promise you’ll never walk away hungry.

You’ll be in one of the most diverse locales in the world.

Morocco blends adventure and the exotic from its proximity to Europe, foothold in Africa, and its Middle Eastern influence. Large cities like Rabat and Tangier resemble European cities in many ways, while rural outposts like Zagora and Chefchaouen will make you feel eons away!

You’ll witness hundreds of years of history unfold in front of your eyes.

The modern state of Morocco gained independence in 1956 but the history of Morocco spans over twelve centuries, having first been unified in 789. The area itself has been inhabited for 5000 years by Berber tribes. Buildings such as al-Karaouine, the oldest operating educational facility in the world date to 859, while the famous Koutoubia Mosque was built in 1147. In Morocco you can see history progress in front of your eyes!

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