Snaky Moroccan rivers that wind throughout the mountainous regions provide a serene setting for some of the most thrilling Morocco kayaking and river rafting adventures in the world, though this my friend is still a muzzled secret. Lush river valleys turn to vibrant, knife-cut gorges on the outskirts of arid land; non-touristy sun-dried, mud houses grip influential cliffs where children scream and wave in excitement. Navigating your way through these waterways will prove to be some of the most adventurous yet turbulent experiences for anyone wishing to become one with Moroccan nature through adrenaline-rush titillation.


A kayaking trip down one of several rivers in Morocco affords some of the most picturesque topography underneath the always prevalent Moroccan sunshine. Many of the kayaking and rafting trips begin on the Ahansal River. The waters for this majestic river stream down from the High Atlas Mountains and start to channel down a narrow churned path. At the point where the two water bodies meet provides doers and daredevils alike up to ten days of Morocco’s best kayaking.

At certain spots where the rapids run wild, kayakers and river rafters will be on the edge of their seat trying to win the raging battle against the waters. All of the hard work is handsomely rewarded with a short span of down-time before the next set of rapids is approached – as usually is the case with river rafting in Morocco. The perfect end to a great day kayaking on the river is setting up camp on the riverbed and enjoying a communal dinner cooked over an open fire with friends.

Another highlighted yet unknown spot for kayaking resides at the Lala Takerkoust reservoir. The backdrop for the reservoir is the majestic Central High Atlas Mountains, mid-way down the spine of the High Atlas Mountains.

Novice kayakers typically select this spot to practice skills and techniques before heading further down the river course. It is conveniently accessible by its approximately 30 km from the vibrant city of Marrakech.

As kayaking adventures draw to a close, the sightseeing does not end on the river. Marrakech holds some elements of thrill to boot. Here, kayakers have animated Morocco market souks to browse and shop through. Sore muscles can be rejuvenated with a Hammam massage or spa treatment.

Trip Itinerary

down the rivers of Morocco span a course from three to ten days. Many a Morocco tour operator would suggest guided trips down the Ahansal River. Prices include kayaking or rafting equipment, meals and snacks along the trip; camping gear for overnight stays along river side can be rented for nominal fees.

The Morocco kayaking adventure begins with introductions to your travel guide in Marrakech. This individual will serve as the experienced eyes and ears of the group as it heads later down the river. Many Morocco tours elect to have travelers spend the night in a hotel for rest and relaxation before heading out the next morning.

Some river rafting and Morocco kayaking include an element of trekking in the Atlas Mountains. This may be necessary in order to commence the following day at the correct launching point. Often, rapids are too shallow or simply too dangerous to risk being on the water. This is not always necessary, however.

On day three, Kayakers and river rafters receive another class on what to do out on the water in the event an emergency arises – such as corkscrewing or flipping over. Tour guides take the safety one step further by having kayakers execute safety techniques with paddles and other pieces of equipment in lulling water.

After a lesson in safety, kayakers and river rafters alike are finally ready to get a taste of Moroccan river rapids. This comes with a journey through the town of Tilouquite where the first overnight camping stop is made. Moroccan hospitality comes in the form of prepared dinners that are provided by many travel guides as part of the journey down the river.

Over the next couple of days, kayakers will experience twists, turns and more adventure than you can shake a paddle at. A memorable portion of the trip takes kayakers through the majestic gorges located near Lake Bin El Quidane. All of this kayaking adventure plays out underneath the Moroccan sunshine by day and stars at night – some say “million star service.”

When to Come

The ideal time of year to kayak a Moroccan river is anytime from the start of January to the end of March. During these times, the rivers are in their prime. Rugged mountain backdrops meet serene and stony riverbeds as the two elements come together to create a Morocco white water rafting and kayaking adventure that will not be forgotten once the water have been left behind.

One of the greatest things about kayaking in Morocco is that it provides a relaxing break from some hustle and bustle aspects of a Morocco holiday. The kayaking season also provides a welcome break from cold winters for many adventure enthusiasts. There is perhaps no greater way to experience Morocco than through a kayaking trip through its waters, where you’ll see untouched villages dangling from surreptitious cliffs.