One of the most spectacular spots in Morocco is the Draa Valley. For many it is considered to be a sacred ground. Members of the Moroccan royal family walked across pathways there. Modern cities placed along the border of the valley draw on historical attributes to fashion a way of life today. Quaint villages spring to life among burned mountain ranges. Authentic Berber villages give way to majestic palm trees.

The Draa Valley–quite different than the Ait Bougmez Valley–is a place where time virtually stands still in Morocco. It is a place of wonder that tickles the senses and with a slower pace of life. A great way to become immersed in the culture, the language and the sights and sounds found here is with a custom Morocco tour. Let a Morocco tour operator be the eyes and ears needed to explore every inch of this magical land and provide for an unforgettable Moroccan holiday adventure.

The Morocco Itinerary

A custom Morocco holiday tour begins with the Morocco Itinerary. In the city of Ouarzazate, travelers head out on a pathway towards Zagora.

The Morocco tour operator brings the travelers to the edge of the Sahara Desert for picturesque sights that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. The main attraction in the city of Ouarzazate is the production studio where several major motion Hollywood pictures have been filmed. Another great destination spot is the local town square. Here travelers will find trinkets and knick-knacks that are a perfect souvenir of a Moroccan holiday.

On the next portion of a Morocco customized tour, travelers are guided towards the famed Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. Many tour operators will gladly create itineraries that include stops here and other Kasbahs. Among the most worthwhile in Morocco are the Tamnougalt Kashbah; Timiderte Kashbah; Kashbah Said Arabi Ouled Atman and Tinzouline Kashbah. Another featured attraction that is worth a visit is the various souks and markets along the way in the Draa Valley.

Custom tours of the Draa Valley will almost certainly include a look at the surrounding agriculture and underground irrigation canal system. Listen with amazement as the guide details historical attributes about the days in which Berber villages utilized the irrigation system in daily life. Its roots go back to ancient Morocco time.

Moroccan history speaks volumes in the rock paintings and wall carvings that are found throughout the Draa Valley. One of the best showcases of this is located in Timiderte. Some of the oldest rock carvings are housed here.

Some other great places for historical carvings include Tinzouline, Tazzarine and Zagora. A Morocco tour operator will provide additional historical facts into the meanings behind the rock carvings. Hearing these stories told will take travelers inside the days of an ancient Morocco.

Tour guides will bring travelers to Foum Larjam. This is a historical burial ground located at the midpoint between Tagunit and Mhamid al-Ghizlane. It spans the distance of several kilometers and is the final resting place for some of the most notable Moroccan residents. The oldest human form statue was uncovered in the Draa Valley not too long ago.

On the outskirts of Zagora is a watchtower that is worth a stop on your tour. The magical place of Erg Chigaga in the Sahara Desert of Morocco resides on the border of the Sahara Desert. This very path is actually a historical pathway. It was utilized to travel back and forth to distant parts of Morocco. Travel occurred solely on camel back. Just past town is a famed road sign that states ˜52 Days to Timbuktu.” It has become a popular photographic sign throughout the years.

Tour operators will bring travelers to the Tinfou Dunes for a little relaxation and recreation. It is a fantastic spot to trek across a sand dune while soaking up the warmth of the Moroccan sunshine. Those seeking a slice of adventure can have tour operators set up a Sahara Desert Camel trek through the Dunes and end the day camping underneath the starry Moroccan sky. Tinfou Dunes is also a great place to take in the Morocco sunrise or sunset.

As the custom Morocco holiday tour draws to a close, travelers will take in a bit more history. The quaint village of Amezrou is home to an ancient Jewish Kasbah. This historical spot is where many jewelers fine tuned their craft and created beautiful pieces of ornamental jewelry. Present day has turned the location into a public workshop for Berber craftsmen. Travelers and residents alike are welcomed into the space with open arms to indulge in the fine art of craftsmanship perfected by the Berbers throughout the years.

One of the last stops on a custom Morocco tour is the village of Tamegroute. Here there is a theological college that has historical roots dating back to the 11th century. At one point in time, the library on campus held over 40,000 volumes of historical books. Current selections include various versions of the Koran written on original gazelle hide.

A custom Morocco holiday tour through the Draa Valley affords travelers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of Morocco at the hands of a qualified tour operator. There simply is no other way to experience the beauty and wonder that is the Draa Valley.

by Sam Mitchell