A little unknown fact about Morocco is that it is a great place for a family holiday. Virtually every inch of the region offers something for everyone to enjoy. Over the course of a Morocco family tour, families can travel the majestic Sahara Desert with a camel as the mode of transportation or take a peek at authentic Moroccan life in a Berber village. Take in a piece of Moroccan history with a visit to palaces, mosques and souk markets.

Other highlights of a family Morocco tour include the vibrant cities and quaint villages that families can visit during their holiday. Venture through Fez where medieval historical attributes are still present in modern day life. Explore the Village of 1000 Kasbahs where sand castles reach out and practically touch the sky. Make a stop in Marrakech and watch a story unfold at the hands of a snake charmer or walk through the bustling marketplace for some authentic Moroccan trinket souvenirs. Anywhere you go on a family Morocco tour itinerary is sure to be unlike any other place you’ve been before.

Families will certainly enjoy a little time spent out in the warmth of the Moroccan sunshine. Essaouira is a great place to do this. It is a popular beach area that boasts ideal conditions for surfing and other water sports. Take a horse out for a day or half-day and enjoy the beach shoreline in a whole new way. For a twist on this activity, take a camel along the seaside journey. It is sure to be an adventure the entire family will love.

Morocco Itinerary

A family Morocco Itinerary will get started in the eclectic city of Marrakesh. Experienced tour guides will lead the way through this city where the action never stops. Take a tour of Koranic Schools and beautiful botanical gardens. Do a little shopping in the famed Marrakesh Medina market area. As night begins to fall, the streets come roaring to life. Dejem Alfna Square is the place to be at night. Here street performers entertain audiences with animated performances that last well into the late night hours.

After exploring Marrakech, the next stop of a Morocco family tour will most likely be Zagora. Escape the Moroccan heat with a dip in one of several swimming pools. Relax underneath the palm tree groves and watch the world pass by. This is a good place to get some rest in as the next leg of the journey will take place in the High Atlas Mountains.

Families are introduced to the beauty of camelback in M’hamid (aka Mhamid). This quaint village town borders the Sahara Desert and readily provides camels as the perfect mode of transportation through the area. Once all family members have been matched with a suitable camel, the animals begin a slow trot into the Sahara Desert region. Sand dunes extend for countless miles in Erg Chigaga. The arrival of night indicates that the family will enjoy a night of sleep underneath the Moroccan stars inside of authentic Bivouac nomadic tents.

The glamour and glitz of Hollywood shines through on a Morocco family holiday with a visit to Ouarzazate. Over the years there have been a number of blockbuster hit movies that were filmed on location in this vibrant city. Among these are The Mummy and Gladiator. With all Hollywood eyes on this up and coming city, it is a great chance for families to take great snapshots on real life movie sets.

After days spent sightseeing and exploring historical attributes of Morocco, the kids will be in a need for some entertainment. A great place to do this is Agadir, otherwise known as Morocco’s surf capital. This little slice of heaven offers on average 320 days of sunshine to go along with the distinction of being the place to surf in Morocco. Life runs at a much slower pace allowing parents to relax beachside while the kids burn some energy chasing waves in the surf.

Essaouira is next on the list of things to do while on a Morocco family tour. Here families will trade surf activities for wind activities. Among the most popular are windsurfing and kite surfing. After a day spent running the beach and chasing the wind, families will wind things down a bit with a beachside barbeque at the local fish market, where a few bucks can buy you buckets of freshly onsite cooked fish.

Morocco family tours begin to wind down with a return to Marrakech. This is the perfect opportunity to find those trinkets and souvenirs to cement a memorable family holiday experience. Flights home can be caught home from here too. Above all else, a family Morocco tour will provide something for everyone and create lifelong family memories in the process.

by Sam Mitchell