Beauty and wonder surrounds those who travel to Morocco. A variety of travel guides stand ready to take foreign visitors into the vibrant region of undulating hills, pointed massifs, blowing sand dunes and camel herders. Travelers can choose a private Morocco tour with Journey Beyond Travel or just simply sit back and enjoy traveling Morocco at their own personal pace. Regardless of which tour option a traveler selects, each will feature stunning scenic views, friendly Moroccan people and a little taste of what life in Morocco is all about.

Morocco Trekking adventure will showcase the mixing of authentic tribal influences with a twist of modernism. Mingle with authentic Berber people who reside in traditional villages that showcase architectural styles dating back to the Andalusian period. Visit a populate souk market place where hand-crafted items are on display and available for purchase as the perfect Moroccan holiday souvenir. Stay in a historical building that has been recreated and renovated into a traditional Moroccan Riad or Kasbah. Spend the night sleeping underneath the stars in the Sahara Desert.

Morocco trekking adventures take travelers to picturesque views of the Atlas Mountains. Or, go south to explore the far reaches of the Sahara Desert at Erg Chigaga or relax and enjoy a meal with the local residents in a quaint, road side Berber village. Morocco trekking adventures often include a combination of travel on camel back, motor cross vehicle, bike, 4×4 and foot (or a tour simply being transported around the country). One amazing destination point to trek towards in Morocco is the Amizmiz valley region.

Amizmiz is a quaint town situated quietly off the roadside approximately 55 kilometers outside of Marrakech. A beautiful backdrop to the town is provided by the High Atlas Mountain ranges. Residents here exhibit background ties to the Berbers of Chleuh origin roots. The main dialect spoken here is Tashelhiyt and the weekly souk market is the highlighted event of the week. Popular items up for sale here include locally grown produce and raised livestock.

The first two days of this Morocco trekking adventure in this region begin with travelers becoming familiar with the vibrant city of Marrakesh. Take some time to visit historical buildings, dining establishments and mingle with local residents. Highlighted destination points in Marrakesh include the Saadian tomb location, Bahia Palace, Menara botanical gardens and Koutoubia Mosque.

As the sun rises on the third day, the heart of the trekking adventure begins. Travelers are brought to the foot of the majestic High Atlas Mountains where introductions to the first form of transportation are made. Here travelers become acquainted with the mules who will become their traveling companion for the first leg of the journey. Stops along the way will include the Ait Zitoun Berber village that is famous for its olive tree stock. The day ends with setting up camp at a local Berber house, probably near a river.

The next day holds much the same adventure. Stunning sights will consume a better part of the day. There will be the sights and smells of the Haouz plain and foothills to cross over in the Ait Ahmad region. A focal point of interest here is the buildings constructed out of clay and stones. The village itself resides at 3,936 feet above sea level. Primary functions performed by the Berber residents include irrigation and farming of the fruit tree and vegetable crops as well as tending for the livestock breeds.

The trekking adventure begins to draw to a close on the fifth day. Following the Amizmiz River, travelers are led towards the village of Imi n’Tala. Along the way smaller Berber villages carry out the hustle and bustle of everyday life tasks. A unique factor about these villages is there is no presence of electricity or water. Even with this factor existing, the residents are more than hospitable to all who stop by for a visit. Traveling further down the road, the trekking adventure will come to a conclusion for the day. Weary travelers will enjoy a soak in a traditional Moroccan Hamam bath house and a friendly meal with local residents to end the day.

The next day’s trekking begins with travelers being led back to the animated city of Marrakesh. Along the way, several more quaint villages will be showcased carrying on life in traditional Moroccan heritage format. Architectural features of the houses and small buildings showcase a devotion to clay and stone. This is in tribute to the many historical Moroccan houses that blanketed the region so many years ago.

Moroccan trekking adventures leaves much wonder and beauty to behold and we won’t tell it all here. It is a chance for outside travelers to get a sneak peek into what authentic Moroccan living is all about. We’ll show you the real people of such a real and alive country. So many aspects of Morocco exhibit measures of romance, history and beauty. When each of these components come together over the course of a family Morocco tour or trekking adventure, it becomes a journey of the mind, body and soul all wrapped into one.

by Sam Mitchell