Chefchaouen Trekking

Chefchaouen Trekking

Chefchaouen is one of the largest cities in Morocco, especially in the Rif Mountains. The Rif Mountains are located in the northwest of Morocco.  They run along the coastline and some even consider the Rif Mountains to continue in Spain.  There are a number of different Morocco tours you can take to view Chefchaouen.  Some of these tours make great day hikes while others require camping out for a few days at a time.  

One particular tour you may find very appealing is the Grankha, Mount Soukna and D’Har and Hommar trip.  This tour takes three days, with two nights of camping in the Rif Mountains while trekking chefchaouen.  You have 6 to 8 hours of trekking per day, with a total of 3 hours driving.  The trip begins with an hour and a half drive to the beginning of the trail.  The trail is at Grankha. You will trek from 600 meters above sea level to Mount Bouhachem.  This mountain is located 1500 meters above sea level.  It makes a wonderful location for lunch. You will be able to view the forest around you as well as the valley below. The vistas are great for snapping pictures with your camera.

While on the Rif Mountain trek you will see plenty of wooded land filled with a variety of avifauna.  Morocco is known for their array of birds, as many of them are endemic to Morocco.  It is a haven for bird watchers.  The country is also praised for its wildlife like the Barbary Monkeys/apes.  These monkeys are endangered and very hard to see if you are just driving.  However, a trek through the Rif Mountains almost always running into them in the trees or foraging on the ground.

After lunch you will begin the rest of the days trek to Hommar.  Hommar is a populated village with housing.  You may elect to spend the night in a rural house or gite or you can camp out.  The trek takes you 3 hours and down to 530 meters.  As you hike into the valley look for wildlife and birds.  The trek provides a number of beautiful photo opportunities of your family as well as the landscape around you.

The next day you will hike to Mount Soukna.  This mountain is at 1600 meters above sea level.  It will take you a little longer to reach Mount Soukna than it did Mount Bouhachem the day before.  You will be able to break for lunch at the mountain before descending again to Hommar.  You will have the option of spending the night at the same house or camping out again. Trekking around Chefchaouen can be rewarding, though be sure that you’ll have some undulating hills to keep you fit.

From Hommar you will be transported to D’Har village the next day.  While you are in the village you will be able to view the pottery making cooperative as well as spend your lunch time with a family of D’Har.  They welcome guests into their home so that you might experience their culture and great cooking.  Once lunch is over you are transported back to Chefchaouen.

by Sam Mitchell