Ouarzazate is a popular spot to film movies in Morocco. Many well known movies, such as, Cleopatra, Kundun, Gladiator, and many others were filmed on location here. The Palace of Glaoui, the highest spot in the city has been is a popular spot for movie makers.

The Glaoui family, the last ruling family of southern Morocco, built this palace. An impressive looking building, the family never actually lived there. Parts of the building are open to the public.

Ourzazate was built to attract tourists. The streets are wide and many modern hotels attract traveler of all types. One of the main points of interest in Ouarzazate is the <b>Kashbah of Tifoultoutte<b>.

Ouarzazate’s name translated means “without noise”. While the city seems to be quiet, once you enter the city walls, it is filled with residents going about their business.  A typical Moroccan market is found in the city’s center.

Written by Carole Morris
Provided by: Morocco travel at Journey Beyond Travel