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High Atlas Mountains Morocco

High Atlas Mountains Morocco

Morocco is teaming with a variety of activities.  The nature lover in you has probably considered several that you can enjoy while on a Morocco holiday.  The perfect Morocco holiday will not be complete unless you take the day trip to the Ourigane and Tin Mal Mosque.  Both locations are an hour from Marrakesh.  You will travel first to the Ourigane, where a new dam was recently built. 

Ourigane is nestled at the base of the High Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Mountains sit in the Toubkal National Park, home to North Africa’s highest peak, Mount Toubkal.  Ourigane is a Berber Village, and has its own accommodations with trekking, walking Morocco tours, horseback riding, and mountain bike trips.  From Ourigane travelers can walk to the Toubkal range, which lies 1,000 meters above the village.  Ourigane is considered to be in the valley of Oued Nfis.  During the spring time the almond blossoms are quite lovely.  There are also a number of bird species and plants at different altitudes. 

The High Atlas trekking from Ourigane will last for two and a half hours.  The trip will take travelers to the dam for part of the walk.  After the dam has been reached the tour driver will drive the group on to Ikoukak and into the villages of Ait Beriki and Imawnan before moving on to Tin Mal.  Tin Mal is a 12th century mosque where the tour will rest and have a little lunch.  Afterwards the N’Fiss Valley and Gorges will be seen while on the High Atlas trekking tour. 

The entire trip will last for five driving hours. The trek to Ourigane and the Tin Mal Mosque is a one day trip. For those who might enjoy a little longer trip there are other High Atlas trekking tours that take you higher into the national park. There are also markets near the Ourigane, for shopping and other places of interest.  

by Sam Mitchell