Christmas in Morocco with Santa on a camel

Thinking about spending Christmas in Morocco? The Morocco travel team at Journey Beyond Travel caught Santa Claus riding camels in Morocco’s Sahara Desert and thought this was a sight worth sharing!

Here’s our top reasons why Santa Claus may wish to re-think his Christmas delivery strategy – using camels instead of reindeer this year!

1. Camels are cuter!

2. Santa can go overland instead of getting air sick!

3. No need for a sleigh, camels can carry everything!

4. The sand dunes of the Sahara offer all the fun without the cold!

5. Mrs. Claus can get some sun while Santa works!

Want to Experience Morocco next Christmas?

Enjoy sand dunes instead of snow at Christmas with Journey Beyond Travel! Like Santa, we’ve got to plan well ahead!

Lucas Peters travel writer photographer morocco expert maroc marrakesh casablanca tangier fezPhotos by Lucas Peters. Lucas is the principal photographer and author of the Moon Guidebooks: Morocco as well as Marrakesh and Beyond published by Hachette. He edited and contributed to the Our Morocco anthology and helps the travelers of Journey Beyond Travel experience the adventure of a lifetime. He lives in Tangier with his family.