God's Bridge, Morocco

God's Bridge, Morocco

Are you interested in some of nature’s most spectacular creations?  Around the world there are hundreds of places to visit.  Many of the tourist attractions for the natural wonders are quite populated, like Niagara Falls or the Safaris of East Africa.  Such tourist locations are interesting to see, but you really can lose a lot of the fascination with the other hundred people swarming around.  If you want a holiday which is custom tailored to provide everything you want, consider trekking Morocco tours.  Morocco is a country filled with many natural wonders.  The High Atlas Mountains, Rif Mountains, and the Anti Atlas, to name a few, are spectacular.  

Depending on where you travel in Morocco, you can visit villages and pathways that are not on the touristy map sold in small shops. Hiking trips allow you to view the Berber culture as it is on a daily basis.  You are able to get a feel for what Morocco is really like on these Morocco tours, outings that take you into the heart of Berber life and Morocco.

One tour you may consider taking is to God’s Bridge and the Oued Laou in northern Morocco. This trek in the Rif Moutains takes you five days and four nights.  You will begin by driving outside of Chefchaouen, where the tour starts. The total drive time for the trip is 3 hours.  You also have five to six hours of trekking per day.  

On the first day you will trek through green pastures and the forests near Chefchaouen. You will reach Place D’Espagne for lunch.  It is a beautiful spot for you to rest, relax, and enjoy the surrounding landscape.  The Place D’Espagne leads you to the summit of Mount Lakraa, which is 2159 meters above sea level.  From this location you will see the Mediterranean coast below, as well as the surrounding areas.  It is a panoramic view.  You will not hike back down the mountain, but camp in the area before venturing out the following day.     

The second day you will trek the Rif Mountains to Taouerarte.  Taouerarte is located at 1100 meters above sea level.  You will remain in Taouerarte for the evening, spending the night in the small refuge.  The people of Morocco will welcome you into their camp for the evening.  The next day you will work your way towards God’s Bridge.  There are a number of geological formations to enjoy on your way to the bridge and even the rolling countryside to take photos of.  You will reach God’s Bridge during the day, but you will want to stay for sunset.  The bridge is a red rock formation which shines best during the setting sun.  

You will leave the area to hike towards Akchour, which is at 860 meters.  It is another refuge village.  The fourth day is filled with more trekking, but you will not reach any higher altitude than 2100 meters.  At the end of the day you will be in Beni Mallla at 800 meters.  This is where the trek ends, with a drive back to Chefchaouen.

On the last day your Morocco holiday takes you to the Mediterranean Sea.  You will walk through agricultural land in the Rif Mountains and through villages, until you reach Oued Laou.  There are gorges in the area to visit before heading back to Chefchaouen. 

by Sam Mitchell

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