American passportSurprisingly, getting to and from Morocco in this day and age isn’t too complicated. Entry into Morocco requires a valid passport for all visitors. Citizens of certain countries may need to obtain a visa (you can see Morocco visa information on our blog). The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in New York also has a list of countries that are exempt from visa qualifications.

If you happen to need a visa, the Moroccan Embassy would be the place to go for information on how to apply. They charge about $20 U.S. dollars for a single entry and approximately 30 U.S. dollars for double or multiple entries.

After taking about a week to process, these visas are valid for three months. Like many other countries, visa requirements include application forms, passport-size photos, a valid passport, photocopy of all relevant information (flight bookings, hotel reservation, etc.) and a one-time fee.

While visa extensions are available, they are extremely aggravating to attain, and will surely test your patience. As is, visitors are allowed to stay for up to 90 days.

Visitors may bring pets to Morocco, but they must have all the necessary shots done during the last three months leading up to your entry. You can certify your paperwork with the Department of Agriculture to ensure that this process goes smoothly. After being confirmed, you must then send the paperwork to the Consulate of Morocco. A $33 money order (per document!) must also be included in a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope.

The only vaccination visitors may be required to have would be an anti-cholera vaccination certificate. This is only necessary of visitors traveling from areas where the disease is widespread.

Other than that, most planning will be that of typical vacation preparation, like purchasing plane tickets, arranging round transportation, scheduling hotel accommodations, etc. A quick tip: Many visitors fly to Gibraltar or Malaga and then take a ferry to Tangier. Although not recommended in the summer months because of overwhelming crowds, it may be a more frugal option for those traveling during the off-peak season.

All in all, don’t sweat it! It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of travel preparation, but it will all pay off when you’re in this beautiful country having the time of your life.

Written by Amanda Sandlin.

Photo by jpmatth.