In Pictures: The Kelaat Mgouna Rose Festival

Kelaat Maagouna Rose Festival Morocco

Every year thousands of people gather in Kelaat Mgouna, a small city between Ouarzazate and the Sahara Desert to witness the roses bring the valley to life. With the Rose Festival of Kelaat Mgouna having drawn to an end for this year, we thought we’d share a visual insight into some of the faces and scenes behind the celebration. While we wish we could tell you exactly when the festival will be next year there’s no way to tell. It’s based on when the roses come into full bloom and can be anywhere from mid-April to mid-May. 


Saffron Fills the Senses: Part Three

Moroccan Saffron Part Three

In parts one and two of our story unfolding saffron in Morocco we took you on a journey discovering Talouine, the city that is the heart of Moroccan saffron. From there we showcased the people behind the production and harvest of this precious crop. Today, you will see how saffron is separated and sold. Saffron farming truly is a labor of love that requires patience and accuracy – it is the most expensive spice in the world after all!


The Doors of Morocco

16 Beautiful Moroccan Doors

Of all the things photographed in Morocco, doors may be the image most often captured. No two ever appear to be the same and on houses that often look similar on the exterior, unique doors are a way to set each apart. When you travel in Morocco keep on the lookout for colorful and unique doors waiting to be photographed!


7 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Essaouira

7 Photos to Fall in Love with Essaouira

It’s not the blue city (Chefchaouen), or the capital (Rabat), or well known for the way it comes to life at night (Marrakesh), it’s simply Essaouira; the calm, coastal city where Moroccans and visitors go to lose themselves and relax. If you’re not convinced yet, sit back and enjoy six more pictures that will make you want to plan a trip to visit Essaouira immediately.


Visiting Morocco in Summer: A Survival Guide

Visiting Morocco in Summer- A Survival Guide

Morocco is an increasingly popular travel destination year-round. But as the seasons change throughout the year, so do the opportunities visitors have to experience Morocco’s culture and history. Whether you’re into water sports, mountain trekking, cultural experiences or historical sites – you’ll find that the optimal time for exploring all of these sides of Morocco can vary throughout the year. If you’re planning on visiting Morocco in summer there are a few things to keep in mind. (more…)

The BEST Places to Eat in Marrakesh

The Best Places to Eat in Marrakesh

There is a buzz surrounding Morocco’s food scene at the moment and its not hard to see where all the fuss is coming from; new and inspiring restaurants are popping up all across the country. Let’s be honest, Morocco has always been high up on the must-visit list for foodie travellers. But it is a new wave of fusion cooking and cultural dialogue that is at the centre of this gastronomical shake up and Morocco appears to be waking up to the creative re-imagining of traditional dining experiences that’s been happening in innovative eateries across the world. Intrepid travelers are looking for great places to eat in Marrakesh and beyond.  (more…)

Faces of Morocco: Stories of a Country

Faces of a Nation

The people are what make the core of any culture. Today we’d like to introduce you to some of the faces of Morocco. The people behind these images are our friends and neighbors. The portraits come from all corners of Morocco and are a small sampling of who you might encounter when you come to visit. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of Morocco!


10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Sahara NOW!

Visit the Sahara with Journey Beyond Travel

Do you have a dream to visit the Sahara? Or, maybe you’re one of those people who insists there’s nothing there to see or do. If the Moroccan Sahara is your “must see” list or if you want to stay as far away as possible we’ve put together ten of our favorite images to show you just how amazing and beautiful it truly is. Pack your bags because after this, you’ll want to go for sure.


Hidden Morocco: Aoufous and the Ziz Valley

The Ziz Valley, Morocco

Morocco is home to numerous stunning palm groves and your journey from the imperial cities of Fez or Marrakesh toward the vast Sahara will take you past an oasis valley before reaching the dunes themselves. As you pass through different towns and terrains, the landscape begins to notably change into a rocky scrubland, geographically indicating the beginning of the ‘desert.’ While many people rush through the area between Marrakesh and the Sahara,  those seeking a glimpse into rural Moroccan life slow down to appreciate the area known as the Ziz Valley.