Eating Vegetarian in Morocco

Vegetarian Vegan Meals Morocco Marrakesh Casablanca Cuisine

When I became a vegetarian a few years ago, I thought it would be a breeze. After all, I live in Morocco. The fruits and vegetables are relatively cheap here and the cuisine is known for its rich, flavorful spices. However, the truth is that finding my food comfort zone (if there is such a thing) took a little more time, and a little more exploration, than I bargained for. (more…)

How to Enjoy Marrakesh When You’re Afraid of Snakes!

A Cobra Snake Slithers Across the Jemma el-Fna in Marrakesh, Morocco

One of the most valid proofs of a successful visit to Morocco is a picture of you with one of the snakes of Marrakesh slithering over your shoulders. But what if thinking about being near a snake sends a chill shuddering down your spine? You still want to see all the wonders the Red City has to offer, but you hate snakes. It’s quite a dilemma. It makes you wonder: How can I enjoy Marrakesh when I’m afraid of snakes? (more…)

The Top 7 Reasons You Should Visit Zagora

Zagora, Morocco, Top Things To Do And See

Zagora is a common pitstop on the way to the Sahara Desert. It is the last big town you’ll hit on your way to Erg Chigaga, one of the two major dunes in the Moroccan desert.

Although most travellers won’t spend more than a night in the Zagora oasis, it’s a destination in its own right! With few signs of modernization, it’s a great place to experience traditional Moroccan life in outstanding scenery among some incredibly unique sites.


Top 7 Books by Moroccan Writers

Top 7 Seven Moroccan books

There is a lot you can read about Morocco, though not a lot is written by Moroccan writers. Unfortunately, what books that are available are not immediately available in English. Few Moroccan authors write in English. Most prefer either Arabic or French. Because of this, we monolingual readers have to wait until their words find a translator. Fortunately, some really great works by Moroccan writers have found translators and are readily available! (more…)

The Secret of Morocco’s Green Pottery

The Green Pottery of Tamegroute, Morocco at the edge of the Sahara Desert

The long dusty road leading to Tamegroute takes me back in time. The family-run pottery workshops in the oasis, not far from the Sahara desert, are among the oldest in the country. Dating back to the mid-1600s, they remain virtually unchanged. Artisans still work with manual pottery wheels in a building made from the same clay used to make pots and tiles. Finished pieces are fired in multi-chambered wood stoves. (more…)

Getting into a Rhythm: My Week in Tangier, Morocco

Title photo for a week in Tangier: what to see and do in one week.

On our first afternoon in the Tangier medina, a soft-spoken old man invited my wife and me to step inside his carpet shop to “have a look.” When we showed interest in a small piece, he suddenly vanished, replaced by The Closer – the rabidly aggressive owner of the store. After being cajoled, pressured, and begged for far too long, we finally stumbled out, exhausted. Undeterred, we continued our walk, dodging one shopkeeper after another, each shouting: “English? Espanol? Just have a look!” This was going to be one long week in Tangier! (more…)

Traveling During Eid al-Adha (Eid el-Kbir) in Morocco

Eid al-Adha in Morocco with sheep

By far, Eid al-Adha is the most important holiday for Muslims around the world. It occurs two lunar months after the end of Ramadan. Confusingly, Eid al-Adha called by many different names. Eid el-Kbir (often spelled “Eid el-Kbeer, “Aid al-Kébir” and other variations) is really common. It translates to “The Big Holiday”. With  francophiles, la fête du mouton (“sheep festival”) is also common. (more…)

6 Beautiful Moroccan Coastal Towns to Visit

6 beautiful Moroccan coastal towns

Morocco isn’t just winding souks and desert dunes: it’s also 1,200 miles of coastline running along the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Along the coast, charming harbors, busy fishing ports and picturesque beach towns abound – they’re just as diverse as Morocco’s interior. There are many Moroccan coastal towns waiting to be explored, most of which are completely off the radar destinations.

Aside from Agadir and its package holiday resorts, most of Morocco’s coastal towns actually remain largely untouched making them ideal for laid back travelers curious to get to know Morocco off the beaten path. From stress-free medinas to incredible mountain backdrops, our top 5 Moroccan coastal towns have it all. Take your pick and spend your Moroccan getaway taking easy strolls along the beach.


10 of Morocco’s Best Off the Beaten Path Villages

Off the beaten path Moroccan villages

If you’re planning your first trip to Morocco, chances are you’ll be tempted to visit the country’s best known sites: the busy souks of Marrakech, the historic mosques of Fez, the infinite sea of golden dunes in the Sahara Desert, the windy coastline in Essaouira, or the dramatic mountain landscapes of the High Atlas. While these will all be worthwhile destinations during your trip in Morocco, don’t forget to include Moroccan villages! There’s a case to be made for wandering off the beaten path and exploring some of the country’s lesser visited towns and villages. It’s here that you’ll get to taste a slice of real Morocco, away from the tourist crowds and at your own comfortable pace.


5 Hikes in Morocco Worth Taking

hikes in Morocco worth taking

Although best known for its desert landscapes and labyrinthine souks, Morocco is actually home to some of the most stunning mountainous scenery in the world. Those who venture away from the country’s bustling medinas will find dramatic mountain ranges, high snow-covered peaks and lush green valleys. Best of all? Hiking remains a largely unexplored activity by foreigners here, leaving you to enjoy Morocco’s natural landscape all to yourself.


7 Excuses to Visit Morocco in 2017

7 Excuses to Visit Morocco in 2017

So many destinations, so little time! With the New Year finally here, for many travelers the question isn’t if you’ll be traveling or when you’ll be traveling: it’s just a matter of where. Where should you go on your dream vacation? Where should you spend your days relaxing after a hectic month at work? Where will you be taking that once-in-a-lifetime family trip?

To make your life a little easier, we give you 7 excellent excuses to visit Morocco as your next destination in 2017.


Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Sahara Desert

Morocco's Sahara Desert

Image by Thomas Buttery

There are very few places on Earth that compare to the incredible landscape of the Sahara Desert. Located on Morocco’s western border, the Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert covering an area similar to that of the United States. Many travelers visit Morocco specifically with the intention of venturing off into the desert and spending a night under the stars. And we can’t blame them! A desert adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on it either.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Morocco

Morocco's UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Morocco is home to 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites, an impressive showing. UNESCO World Heritage Sites are selected on the basis of having cultural, historical, scientific or some other form of significance, and they are legally protected by international treaties. These sites are seen as being an important part of the collective interests of global humanity. To be listed a country must first take stock of all their ethical and natural properties that are put forward to the International Council on Monuments and Sites and World Conservation Union who make the final decision. Since the inception of the program in 1972, 192 states parties have ratified the convention. In July of 2016, 1052 sites are listed: 814 cultural, 203 natural, and 35 mixed properties. (more…)

Mythbusting: 5 Common Misconceptions About Morocco

Mythbusting: 5 Common Misconceptions About Morocco

If you’re planning a trip to Morocco soon, chances are you’ve Googled something like “traveling to Morocco” or “travel tips Morocco” recently. And chances are you’ve come across articles about safety concerns in Morocco, detailing how to navigate this Muslim country as a non-Muslim or warning you about bargaining too much in this developing country.

Well we’re here to set the record straight. Below, we take a look at some of the most common myths about Morocco and give you the hard facts.


Guide to the Beaches of Mirleft, Morocco

Guide to the Beaches of Mirleft

Mirleft, Morocco is a small and sleepy fishing town peacefully set back from untouched Southern Moroccan coastline and a handful of rugged beaches (some still totally wild). So laid back it’s almost horizontal, the friendly Berber town remains to attract low levels of foreign tourism and perhaps for good reason; there is not much to make up an exciting ‘things to do’ list in the town itself.


Ancient Granaries: Saffron Fills the Senses (Part IV)

Morocco's Red Gold: Ancient Granaries

“Morocco, though it is visited by thousands of tourists every year, remains an unknown country – the greater part of it as uncharted to the European or American visitor as was Tibet a hundred years ago.”                            Gavin Maxwell, Lords of the Atlas, 2000.

The Ancient Granaries of Taliouine from Journey Beyond Travel on Vimeo.

Maxwell may have been writing almost two decades ago, early in the rise of google maps, satellite technology and the age of snap-happy travellers capturing selfies across the globe, but the quotation above still rings true. With so much of Morocco’s tourism being directed towards the Imperial cities and luxury riads of Fez and Marrakesh, many of the Maghreb’s treasures remain undiscovered by most or simply forgotten by all. (more…)

8 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel to Morocco

Eco-Friendly Travel in Morocco

Eco-friendly travel and sustainable travel are the newest buzzwords in the global tourism industry – and rightly so. Traveling has enormous impacts on our carbon footprint. Everything from the CO2 emissions of airplanes to the waste of plastic in hotels means the tourism industry can end up affecting our climate system disproportionally. Today, many travelers are looking for ways to minimize their carbon footprint while jet setting across the world. The good news is the travel industry has taken note and is adopting newer and more eco-friendlier ways of doing business.


Scenes from the Sahara

The Moroccan Sahara

The expanse of the Sahara desert which stretches across Morocco is divided into two main regions; the Erg (dunes) Chebbi and the Erg Chigaga. Both provide the spectacle of rolling, velvet sand dunes for as far as the eye can see, with the mountains of Algeria as a backdrop when looking east. Whether you decide to visit the Chigaga or the Chebbi dunes, you will enjoy beautiful camel treks, serene sunsets treks and stunning star lit nights, but each region had it’s own unique charm.

It can also be guaranteed that your journey from the Imperial cities of Fez or Marrakesh will take you through significant changes in landscape before you hit the dunes themselves; over mountains, barren rocky plateaus and lush oasis valleys. The route from Fez to Merzouga will take you over the green and fertile Middle Atlas mountains and alongside the Ziz Valley palmeries, while Marrakesh to Chigaga will take you over the High Atlas and through the Draa Valley palmeries. 


The Gardens of Marrakesh

Gardens of Marrakesh

The hustle and bustle of Marrakesh is exciting, but can become overwhelming. One of the key secrets to enjoying an extended time in the Red City is by taking short breaks in the many gardens and parks across the city. Not only are they places worth visiting as a stand alone reason to go, they will provide moments to take a breath and get back to nature after trawling the shops and souks. Many of the gardens are free or only 10 dirham making it easy to pop into a park or garden for a short amount of time and chill out. If you find yourself needing to escape the madness of the medina, be sure to head to one of these gardens to refresh your spirits. (more…)