Visiting Beni Mellal and Ouzoud Waterfall in Morocco

beni mellal moroccoThe city of Beni Mellal is one of the fastest growing cities in Morocco. Positioned between the Middle Atlas Mountains and Atlas Mountains, it is a great location for adventures in this region of the country. Beni Mellal is almost exactly between Marrakech and Fez making it a great stop over point if your journey takes you between these two cities, and it is an especially good destination to add to your Morocco itinerary if your plans include a visit to the Ouzoud Waterfall. The city itself is not known as much of a tourist destination but here are five things to experience if your journey takes you there.

Kasbah Bel-Kush and Kasbah Ras al Ain

This Kasbah, built in 1687 by Sultan Moulay Ismail, is one of the oldest remnants intact in Beni Mellal. There are two mosques still in operation. The Kasbah is not in great condition though it still is inhabited, primarily low-income families. The nearby Kasbah Ras al Ain and garden of Ain Asserdoun are in much better condition and worth a visit. Inside this Kasbah is a spring and it is believed the Kasbah was built to protect this vital water source. (more…)

Trekking the Jebel Sahro

trekking jebel sahro moroccoNot far from the High Atlas Mountains are the mountains of the Jebel Sahro. The starkness of this range belies the beauty found there. Although this area is not as well traveled by trekkers it is well worth the trip. The landscape is awash in mesas with flat tops, deep gorges and pinnacles that have been twisted from volcanic activity. The view includes expansive almond groves and date palms.

Because of the terrain, planning a trek in this region comes with many options. Regardless of which direction you choose to walk, you’ll be met with satisfying scenery. You can launch your Sahro trek from any one of three points. Two towns in the north make good starting points, Boumaine du Dades and Kelaa M’Gouna. You can also take off from the southern village known as N’Kob. There are several Moroccan tour operators in these three cities that provide services. (more…)

Trek the High Atlas Any Time of the Year

Morocco High Atlas TrekkingIf you are thinking of visiting Morocco for the trekking opportunities in the High Atlas Mountains, there is no bad time to go. Depending on what type of trek you desire and your physical abilities, you will be able to find a trek at any time of the year.

There are a number of easy and moderate day hikes in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Some of these hikes will take a good portion of the day but should be manageable by most people. Toubkal Park and the Azaden Valley offer hikes for those with a bit more experience and stamina. If you’d like to enjoy a couple days of hiking in the High Atlas Mountains, there are tours available that allow trekkers to stay with a local family so that they don’t need to shuttle back and forth from the city day after day. (more…)

Camping in Morocco

camping moroccoIf you like to pitch a tent and fall asleep beneath the stars in America’s national parks, on the beaches in Asia or in the Australian Outback, there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing in Morocco. The country’s climate makes Morocco an ideal place to camp, whether you’re traveling by car, bike or foot.

Morocco is actually a very camp-friendly country, regardless of where you’d like to wander. Campsites located outside the cities are well-equipped and very popular, but as you move into the mountainous regions, you’ll need to provide all your camping needs because water and toilet facilities are relatively non-existent. (more…)

Trekking Morocco Lakes Tour

el-ouidane-lake-moroccoThe Middle Atlas Mountains are just one region worthy of a trek while on holiday in Morocco.  Imagine caves where ancient tribes used to live, waterfalls rushing over plateaus of limestone, or tall gorges where a single path meanders through. Morocco is a land of diverse cultures and distinguishable landscapes. A tour around the lakes is a microcosm of what Morocco has to offer each visitor. (more…)

A Day Trip to Jbel Tazzeka National Park

If you’re in a tourist-spinning tizzy, and inclined to get away from Fez, take a day trip southwest of Taza to Jbel Tazzeka National Park where unwonted natural solitude abounds. Here, you can pose next to the Cascades de Ras el-Oued waterfall, visit the Daia Chiker lake bed, explore the Gouffre du Friouato caverns and revere at the Oued Zireg gorges. This atypical wonderment centered in the Middle Atlas Mountains near Mgoun offers sightseers, campers, hikers and outdoor-lovers alike a chance to slip away into Morocco’s own Mother Earth. (more…)